Actionscript 3 :: Change Column Width In Flex Grid

Jun 23, 2009

I'm using a mx.containers.Grid to layout some data, and the last column is a set of checkboxes. MXML Code snippet:[code]Basically, I want the labels & text values to align however the Grid component sees fit. However, I'd like the checkboxes to be right-aligned. I've tried setting the width of the textValues to 100% and it does nothing. I don't want to use hard-coded pixel values/canvases/etc because it is important that this is easy to change/update.

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Flex :: Dynamically Change The Width Of Datagrid Column?

Jun 16, 2009

Can we change the width of the datagrid column dynamically by clicking on the border of the column in order to display the complete string which is too long to be displayed and needs to be scrolled ? If so, How ?

Also, how can we ensure that the column width changes dynamically based on the number of characters / length of string; since many a times the data is too long to be displayed. Can we set the column width to take the length of data into consideration before displaying onto the datagrid ?

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Actionscript 3 :: Unable To Change Column Width Dynamically In Flex Datagrid

May 17, 2011

I am using a singleton class (popup, which means it doesn't forget the last used variables) which contains a datagrid. I am making various columns visible/invisible, setting the widths and headers in accordance to data received from a database call. Everything works fine except that when I put the breakpoints before and after the point where I change width of columns, I do not see the change in width of datagrid at all! Instead I see some values totally out of sync as widths of datagrid column! However, since it is a singleton class, the next time I call this popup, I see widths which I did set up in last call.

I must be messing up in calling the setWidth() function (which is my custom function which changes the width of datagrid in action script). What should be the point where I should call this function? I tried in creationComplete, show and in the setter of dataprovider.

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Flex :: Applying PaddingRight To Grid Column Not To Grid Header?

Mar 31, 2010

Whenever I add paddingRight to a column in the flex grid, it adds the padding to the header as well.Is anyone familiar with how I can add paddingRight just to the column and not to the header? Below is the column code where I was specifying the padding.

<mx:DataGridColumn width="60" headerText="Type" dataField="Grade" headerStyleName="headerLeft" textAlign="left" draggable="false" resizable="false" headerRenderer="GridHeaderRenderer" paddingRight="5"/>

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Flex :: Flash - DataGrid Column Width: One Column To Rule Them All?

Nov 16, 2010

I have a Flex 4, mx:DataGrid with the following (pertinent) properties set:


I have the minWidth set on all of the DataGridColumns and the width set on one of them. If I simply maximize/minimize the display (in browser or stand-alone flash player) of the application, the columns scale up and down nicely. But if you grab the edge of the application and drag it to make it bigger, only one column grows really big. When you drag the size down again, the one column remains big, but all of the other columns get squished way down.

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Flex :: Embed Image Into Grid Column?

Apr 5, 2010

Is there an easy way to embed an image into a flex grid column? Something similar to[url]...

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Flex :: Data Grid Computed Column?

Mar 23, 2011

How to make a computed column in Flex datagrid? example:

<mx:DataGrid dataProvider="{ConsoleDetails}" id="datagrid">
<mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Absent Hrs" dataField="absentHrs"/>


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Flex :: Advanced Data Grid:column Visibility?

Dec 7, 2009

when we use an advanced data grid, only when we click on the parent element the children details get populated in the corresponding columns, right?..SO now i have made the empty columns invisible(at design) now how do i make them visible at run time when the parent element is expanded..similarly once the columns are visible, how can i make them invisible again when the parent element is closed.

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Flex :: Get Selected Column Value In Advanced Data Grid?

Jan 24, 2010

How to get value of selected column form Advanced datagrid whose visble propery is false .

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Flex :: Datagrid - Display A Multi-line Column Header Using The Flex Spark Data Grid?

Apr 13, 2011

How can you display a multi-line column header using the Flex Spark Data Grid for Flex 4.5?

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Flex :: Determine Currently Sorted Header Column In Data Grid?

Jul 4, 2010

I want to know which header the user clicked on to give the currently sorted view. Is there an API in flex framework that I can use to achieve this? Hopefully I can get back a column index so I know how it is currently sorted.

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Flex :: Merge Column Headers In A Grid, Similar To Colspan In Html?

Aug 6, 2009

I am looking into achieving below two features in a flex grid( or advanced grid).

1. merge column headers ( as in group just the cells in the header row ).

2. add multiple ( say 2 ) headers to the grid.

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Flex :: Top Horizontal Grid Line On Column Chart Is Not Applying Style

Oct 21, 2010

I have a Flex Column Chart that has a range of 0 - 6 on the y-axis. I have added the following block to change the default colour of the horizontal grid lines to black.



This works fine for all but the horizontal grid line at the top of the chart (at y=6). If I change the maximum value for the y-axis to something different then this new max doesn't have the formatting applied (but all the others do).

how do I get the top line to be black like the rest of the grid lines?

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Flex :: DataGrid Column Width?

Aug 17, 2009

In my flex app I store the widths and visiblility of columns in an xml file. When the app loads it reads from the xml file and sets he columns values as applicable:

for(i = 0; i < columnsOrder.length; i++){
newOrder[i] = myDG.columns[Number(columnsOrder[i]) - 1];
newOrder[i].visible = (Number(columnsVisiblity[i]) == 1);


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Flex :: Set The Same Column Width In A Datagrid At Runtime?

Mar 15, 2010

In flex, I have a datagrid with 22 columns. I initially display all the columns. The width of each column right is uniform. Now when i change the visiblity of a few columns, the width of each column varies. How do i maintain a uniform column width for each column whether or not there are any invisible columns? how do i get the count of number of visible columns. the ColumnCount property returns total number of columns and not the number of visible ones.

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Flex :: DataGrid Column Width Is Not Set Properly?

Jan 4, 2011

In the below example I has called the OptimizeDataGrid method on Button Click event to resize the Column according to the data. whereas on the First Time of the Button Click event It called the function whereas the Datagrdi Column width alone is not set properly.whereas on second time it is working properly.For Eg : In the below statement the text value is coming as 55 and widthPadding is comes as 25. but the sum of these two value is not in the dg.columns[col].width.

dg.columns[col].width = text + widthPadding;

But the same is working on the second time of the Button click event.

import mx.utils.ObjectUtil;[code].....

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Flex :: Get Width Of The Clipped Displayed Column

Jan 13, 2011

I have a DataGrid in my project. It doesn't fit's the width of the form, so the scrollBar appears. The DataGrid, on it's initial state, displays a few columns and a part of the next column (which would appear after scrolling). Is there any way, I can get the width of this, displaying part?

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Flex :: Air - Get The Parent Of A Custom Grid Column Filter Editor And Open A Popup Window?

Jan 31, 2012

I am trying to figure out how to open a pop up window in my Air application, in a secondary Window, instead of the main application window.I am using the ReusableFX components, which include a custom DataGrid with filtering and other capabilities. The filtering feature displays a pop up window via PopUpManager when you click on the top of a column in the grid.

PopUpManager.addPopUp(this, FlexGlobals.topLevelApplication as DisplayObject);

The problem is that the pop up window opens in the main application - I am assuming because of the 'topLevelApplication' reference.So, I need a way to open this window in the current Air "s:Window". I am assuming I need a way to walk up : this.parent.parent or this.owner.owner - though I have tried that and it did not seem to work (it said null reference).OR, is there a way to get the current top most window / component (NOT the main application / window)?

Update:I decided to create a new project for the component, and add in the Air libraries. Now I am able to access the "NativeApplication.nativeApplication.activeWindow" call. That gives me the correct Air window. However, it does not seem to be working:

PopUpManager.addPopUp(this, NativeApplication.nativeApplication.activeWindow as DisplayObject);

My popup does not appear. I am assuming because "activeWindow" is not actually a DisplayObject?(so how do I get the DisplayObject if that's the case?)

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Flex :: 3 - 3.5 - 100% Width Grid Inside ApplicationControlBar

Jun 17, 2011

I've got a really simple Grid inside an ApplicationControlBar:


All I want to do Is make the Grid stretch 100% across the full width of the screen, however the above does not.

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Flex :: Choosing The "visible Column Selector" Mechanism For A Grid?

Nov 11, 2010

there's a need to select a mechanism, allowing user to hide/show columns in a DataGrid.One of suggested ways is adding a button (which looks like a column header, but with no column). When user clicks on it, the list of columns comes and user may select columns to hide/show. But is there any way to have such column in a grid (just a header with no column .. as example - you may see the grid in Mozilla Thunderbird)?

The other, less likely way, was the popup list, appearing when mouse hover the DataGrid. But this list would be used rarely. So, this flashing list would be just a headache for an end-user.

The ways with mouse-clicking .. I'm just afraid, that they would be left unnoticed and user would have a hard days while using a grids with a dozens columns.

Edit #1Maybe it would be better if I just provide a pic of this magical "header with no column", to escape confusion ..

Here's it .. there's a clickable column-header in a grid, but there's no column under it ..

Edit #2There's some area right above scrollbar in the dataGrid, it might be the right place for putting this functionality .. but it seems like I can't use it.

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Flex Data Grid - Update Column With Variable (not From Data Provider)?

Jul 27, 2009

I have a data grid who's data provider is set to an XML object.

<mx:DataGrid id="streamMonitorGrid" dataProvider="{}" height="100%" width="100%">


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Change Background Color Of Column Header For AdvancedDataGrid Control In Flex?

Aug 21, 2009

I have below columnGroup in advancedDataGrid control and I want to show the header in red background color and also applied the style but the background color in the header does not show as red only the text color in the header is changed.[code]...

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Dynamically Add Column To Data Grid?

May 12, 2011

How dynamically add column contains checkbox to datagrid?[code]...

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Actionscript 3 :: Calculating Column And Row Number In An Isometric Rectangular Shaped Grid

Jul 1, 2011

I'm trying to extend an isometric Flash game based on as3isolib. The game does only support diamond shaped grids but I have to implement the possibility to have rectangular shaped grids, too.


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Flex :: Change Sort Arrow Position In Grid?

Apr 9, 2010

Currently when sorting in a flex grid, the sort arrow that shows whether the column is sorted ascending or descending is right aligned to the column. Is there anyway to change the position of the sort arrow, such as applying padding?

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Flex :: Renderer Grid - Doesn't Change Dataprovider

Aug 8, 2011

Is there a way to apply a renderer to a grid in a way so that it doesn't modify the values in the data provider? I have a datagrid and on one of its columns I have a customer renderer which overrides the set data function and converts the number value in the dataprovider to a word. My problem is that when I sort the grid by that column it sorts by the new value, whereas I want it to sort by the old value that was originally in the dataprovider. Here is my renderer:


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Flex :: Get Column Index Of Header Column In AdvancedDataGrid?

Mar 9, 2010

I want to know column index of header in AdvancedDataGrid when a user clicks on header - either left click or right click.

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Flex :: Drag And Drop Column Data To Another Column?

Jan 29, 2011

In Flex, using AdvancedDataGrid, I'm trying to achieve a drag and drop of one row's column data to another row's column or the same row but different column. Is this even possible? I've been googling for hours and all I can find are drag and drop whole columns just to rearrange their view order.

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List Component: Changing Column Width?

May 27, 2011

How is it possible to change the width and height of the cells in a List Component in AS3? I've tried experimenting with the cells and different methods but none seem to work.For example, let's say I want to make each list button cell very narrow.

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Flex :: Change The Width Of The Title In A Panel?

Nov 9, 2010

I have a panel in my application, and the user can change its width. My problem is when the title is very long. I would like to crop the title by changing the width.I have tried changind the width of the titleTextField by:this.titleTextField.width = ...

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