As3 :: Flash - Find Xml Node By Attribute Value?

Nov 10, 2011

I use this code in as3 in order to find node with specific id value but it is working for 2 depth

elementsToDraw = elementsList.*.(@id=="hello");

For example at this xml node can be found

<node id="d">
<node id="hello">


What should I write for searching in any depth element with id="hello"?

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Jun 24, 2011

I have a series of XML nodes that are the same (except for the data of course). I want to find the node with that attribute and use that node's data. I know I can do this with a for loop and an if statement but I was hoping that there was a better way.[code]...

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Actionscript 3 :: XML - Targeting Node Attribute Push Into A Flash Array?

Mar 15, 2012

I'm trying to push just the contents of the "txt" attribute in each "question" tag into an array named "questions" in AS3 Flash. Here is an excerpt from my xml file.


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Flash - Find A XML Child Node?

Nov 17, 2010

I have this type of XML -



I would like to write a function where for example phoTit1 is returned where csname = ne_btn, but dont know if this is possible?

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Xml Parsing - Find Specific XML Data By Attribute Name/value In Flash?

Mar 31, 2012

Given the following XML code:

<set name="thumbsBooks">
<set name="pdf">
<thumb>Data I want to access</thumb>
<thumb>Data I want to access</thumb>


I want to be able to get the data contained in the "thumb" tags using the "name" attribute value of the parent tag as a selector, something like you would do in jQuery: $('set[name="pdf"]').find('thumb');Is there a method like this in Action Script 2 (can't use AS3)?

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Target Attribute Of Xml Node?

May 28, 2009

I've used a lot of XML in Flash, but this one really bugs me and I can't find how to make it work!

I have a simple XML like this one:

<descr>some text</descr>


I can target the items (there are more in my complete xml) with: project.items.children( )But I can't seem to get to the attributes

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Actionscript 3 :: Test If An Attribute Has Been Set In A XML Node?

Jan 21, 2012

I am reading in an XML file in AS3. I need to find out if an attribute exists on a node. I want to do something like:

foo(xmlIn.attribute("id"); // xmlIn is of type XML

This doesn't work however. The above if statement is always true, even if the attribute id isn't on the node.

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Read XML Node Instead Of Attribute?

Jan 14, 2009

My main problem with this code is I want to put the url of the image and thumbnail xml tag in the nod, instead of it being an attribute. Now I can do this easily in XML, but reading this in .as is another issue. I have attached the code below so you can see what I am doing.The files are also attached for you to see the actual code..

-----------------XML Code - below is how the image and thumbnail node's are working now... I want to get rid of the imageurl and thumburl attribute


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ActionScript 3.0 :: On The Fly XML Filtering By Node Attribute?

Oct 5, 2009

can I somehow word something like this:

ActionScript Code:
var i:uint = 2;
myLoader.load(new URLRequest(myXML.category[0].project[/* ...node which attribute named


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AS3 :: Professional - XML - Replace An Attribute Or An Entire Node

Oct 6, 2010

I know I can use the XMLdocument class and go back tothe old way of doing thinsg. So I have an AS3 Air app which is successfully reading and writing to an XML file. Now I want to replace an attribute or an entire node if that's easier but I can't figure out how to target it. So the XML starts with an empty node:


What I want to know is how to target the status node (or any other node for that matter) so that I can replace it or it's attribute. So, let's say I have a bunch of these guest nodes and I want to change the status for the first one, how do I do that using the new syntax.

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Actionscript :: Filter Xml By Child Node's Attribute

Dec 31, 2010

new to as4, trying to figure out how to filter xml by its child node's attribute. Something like the following. [code[The goal is to get a list of LEVEL1 and LEVEL2 that contain SAMPLE with class ="C1". Something like the following as a resulting XMLList.[code]

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Any Way To Sort XML In Order By Attribute / Node?

Nov 2, 2006

How simple it would be to sort some xml in order by attribute or node inside Flash, rather than reloading the data? Had a look at the class and I couldn't see anything there that would do the job.

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Actionscript 3 :: The Continuing Saga Of "XML - Targeting Node Attribute, Push Into A Flash Array"?

Mar 19, 2012

Here is an excerpt of my XML file. (It is properly formatted, and has a root node, etc., but is too long to post the entire thing. Below is just the part I am concerned with.

<question id='Q1' uId='99036' no_ans='2' txt='In a flat structure employees are not expected to provide their bosses with their opinions.' feedback='' type='MC' passingWeight='1' url='media/'>
<answer id='Q1A1' uId='311288' txt='True' weight='0'/>[code]...

What I now need is a way to grab the txt attribute value from the answer tags and be able to access them from anywhere in the fla. Keep in mind that there are two answers for every question. ie:

< answer id='Q1A1' uId='311288' txt='True' weight='0'/ >
< answer id='Q1A2' uId='311289' txt='False' weight='1'/ >

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Actionscript 3 :: Display XML Descendants Of A Node With A Specific Attribute?

Feb 22, 2011

I've been trying to figure out how to display the descendants (in this case exchangeRate and PlacesOfInterest) of a parent node with a specific attribute.To set the scene - the user clicks on a button which sets a string variable to a destination eg. japan or australia.The code then runs through a set of nodes in the XML and any that have a matching attribute is traced - simple enoughWhat I can't figure out is how to then display only the child nodes of the node with that attribute.I'm sure there has to be a way of doing it and I'll probably be banging my head against the desk when I find it

public function ParseDestinations(destinationInput:XML):void
var destAttributes:XMLList = destinationInput.adventure.destination.attributes();


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Flex :: Change Icon Of Node According To Attribute Automatically

Mar 15, 2012

I'd like to change icon of the node according to the attribute automatically/dynamically in Flex.[code]

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Actionscript :: Xml : Find Specific Xml Data By Attribute Name/value In Flex?

Feb 9, 2010

From some xml I want to find items that have a specific attribute and value.Here is example xml:

<special NAME="thisone"></special>


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Search Flex XML Object To Find Attribute When Given Element Name?

Oct 13, 2010

I have a Flex XML object as follows:

private var _xmlCountries:XML =
<option value="AF">Afghanistan</option>
<option value="AL">Albania</option>
<option value="DZ">Algeria</option>
<option value="AO">Angola</option>


This object is ok, and shows up correctly in debug mode. The problem is I have a country name i.e. private var _country:String = "Angola";, and I want to get the corresponding value 'AO' from the XML object. Do you know how to do this?

I have tried loads of Livedocs examples, but cant get it to work. P.S. I am working on a HtpService & WebService driven app to display global weather conditions overlayed on a Google Maps interface. Going to make it available to the Flex community when finished.

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Xml :: Find Out If XMLList Contains String As Node Value?

Jul 26, 2010

Is there an XMLList equivalent to Array.indexOf?

For example -
var array:Array = ['one','two'];
trace(array.indexOf('two')); // returns 1, since it's at the second position
trace(array.indexOf('three')); // returns -1, since it isn't found


there's got to be an easier way to check to see if one of the nodes in the XMLList has a particular value than looping through all of them, right? something akin to -

xmlList.indexOfChildByNodeValue('two'); // returns 1, because it's the second child
xmlList.indexOfChildByNodeValue('three'); // returns -1, because it doesn't match any children

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Flash Attribute Tags - Add In Custom Attribute Tags That Flash Can Recover?

Dec 15, 2006

I have been trying to figure out how you could add in custom attribute tags that flash can recover.

<param name = "movie" value = "somefile.swf">
<embed src = "somefile.swf" width = "550" height = "400">

Except, that I would like to add a Custom tag, like "randNum" so that the tag user could input some number, or rather, a flash movie could generate a tag with a number already put in...Basically, heres a really basic version of the idea.There is a Flash Movie.In the movie, you can input text into a textfield.Upon finishing your message, you click a button "save".

The flash movie then:

1. Comes up with a random number unique to the message.

2. Assigns that number to a variable... "randNum".

3. Saves message as a xml file to the server as "filename" + randNum.

4. Outputs into a textfield a generated HTML tag that a user can post on myspace and such so that it will load in the flash movie.

Except... in the tag, there will be a custom attribute. If the random number variable "randNum" was 00112233, the custom attribute will be 00112233.

<embed src = "somefile.swf" width = "550" height = "400" randNum = "00112233">

So when the movie opens, it retrieves that randNum from the tag and can use it inside flash. How can this be done? Sorry this post was so long, but I wanted everyone to understand the concept.

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ActionScript 3.0 :: XML Parsing Not Working When Attribute Has A : In The Attribute Name?

May 13, 2009

I am having trouble parsing some xml that has a few attribute names with : characters in them. The compiler is not throwing any errors and when I trace my complete xml object out it is all there, however when I try to trace out any element or node it keeps comming up undefined. I removed the attribute names with : characters in them and everything works fine. I cant seem to target the attributes either to delete them.

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Flex :: Events - AdvancedDataGrid Tree DropParent - Drag A Leaf From One Node To Another Node

Jan 14, 2010

I have an AdvancedDataGrid tree with a ArrayCollection as its dataprovider. Now, for instance, i drag a leaf from one node to another node. To catch the event I'm adding a Listener to dragComplete.


My Problem: I want to know the new node where the leaf was dropped. Actually i would have expected that in the event there is a property like dropParent. This is not the case.

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Flex :: Select A Node In Tree Based On XML Node Property?

Jan 18, 2011

I have a tree im my mxml that uses a XMLListCollection as dataProvider. Itīs XML is like:

<conta nome="Plano de Contas" id="1">
<conta nome="Creditos" id="2" />
<conta nome="Vendas" id="4" />


How can I make the node for, say, id==4 visible AND selected?

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Create A New Xml Node In Node Containing Dynamic Value Inside?

Sep 21, 2011

i have a question whether we can create a new xml node in as3 node containing dynamic value inside.....
as like if i want to get like..var newNode:XML = <IMAGE FULL="fullimages/3.jpg"THUMB="thumbnails/3.jpg"/>
where the images are dynamic values...

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Finding A Node In XML File Via Node Attrib?

May 26, 2005

I thought this was going to be easy! I would like to search an XML file for a particular data set i.e. set of nodes depending on a passed variable. However, storing a subset of my XML file via Code:var gallery = this.firstChild; and then searching 'gallery' as you would an array-using a for()-doesn't work since this.firstChild isn't returning an array

<collection title="Christmas 2004">


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ActionScript 3.0 :: Xml: Get Node Value When Passing Node Name As A Parameter

Sep 1, 2010

I've got some xml:
var xmlData:XML =
<buttonID>first child node value</buttonID>

Then I want to read specific node value based on a value passed to a function. .
var buttonID = new Button;
var imageID = new Image;
var labelID = new Label;

I'm don't know how to get the value when node name is dynamically changed.

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ActionScript 3.0 :: XML: Add Child Node To Existing Node?

Jun 24, 2008

just trying to get straight how this works. Say I create some XML like so:

ActionScript Code:
var sample:XML = <sample>


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Xml :: Flash - Get All Nodes Attribute Value?

Feb 19, 2010

Here is the xml file

<alphabet id="A">
<term heading= "Anchor" definition="A mechanical device that prevents a vessel from


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Xml :: Flash - Check Value Of Attribute?

May 20, 2011

Not sure how I would check to see if the value of a nodes attribute "action" is equal to "left". My XML looks like the following:

<track timestamp="18/05/2011 13:21:49-0400" id="3" action="track">
<coordinates> test 1</coordinates>


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AS3 :: Flash - Reading An Attribute From A XML/RSS File?

Feb 14, 2011

very simple question, i have this: (only a part of the complete rss file)

<title>Ok, de regalo de San Valentin me pueden dar un viaje a Playa del Carmen! Digo, entre todos lo pagan! No?? #So&#241;arNoCuestaNada</title>


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ActionScript 3.0 :: Attribute Only XML Not Coming Through To Flash?

Aug 19, 2010

'm building a very dynamic app in flash that gets all UI values from XML. Everything's been working fine and then I start having trouble accessing an XML object that only contains attributes. For some reason I can only get it to work if the XML object has content within the opening and closing object tags.Here's the basic AS3 code:

ActionScript Code:
this._uiXML = new XML(this._xml.elements('tag'));
I've also tried...


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