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Css :: Flex - Custom Tooltip Style For A Single Component

How can we customize the background and font color of a single instance of a tooltip for one component? (Without changing all tooltips in the application.)

This is needed for the HALO component set (4.1 SDK), not Spark (css methods preferred).

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Flex :: Adobe - Can't Custom Style The Tooltip
I'm having trouble changing the font size of my TextInput tooltip. The text input looks like this:

<s:TextInput id="first"

then I create a style like this:

@namespace s "library://";
@namespace mx "library://";


P.S. I also get a yellow warning: "CSS type selectors are not supported in components: 'mx.controls.ToolTip'" but it still compiles since it's just a warning, but nothing happens.

Posted: Mar 16 10 at 18:59

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Css :: Apply Custom Style On StringValidator ToolTip
I am using stringValidator component in flex.

<mx:StringValidator id="toValidator" source="{To}" property="text" triggerEvent="click" >

It is working properly but problem is that I have applied borderSkin on ToolTip in my default styleSheet which change the appearance of the message by the validator.

borderSkin: Embed(source="assets/componentImages/TabBar-tab_selectedUpSkin.png");

Now I want that this borderSkin should not be applied on my stringValidator.

Posted: Mar 25 11 at 5:32

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Adding Custom Properties To A Flex Candlestick Component "Tooltip"?
Would anyone know how to customize the "tooltip" / mouseover popup window in a Candlestick Component?By default, It just displays open / high / low / close data, but I need to add additional details such as date, time, and a few others...I'm guessing this is simple one, using item renderers maybe, but I cannot seem to get my head around it, or find any decent documentation online..

Posted: 05-23-2011, 01:44 AM

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Css :: Add Custom Style Property To MXML Custom Component?
I have a Custom Component that has a couple of Canvas with some background colors assigned to them. Now i have hard coded the colors, i want to move them to an external css file. So i would like to have the css declaration like this :


My question is if i can define custom style names like dividerRightColor and if so, how can i use that value inside my MXML Component? I have seen examples of using them inside Pure AS components.

Posted: Jun 22 11 at 11:19

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Flex :: Tooltip Position And Style?
I got struck with tooltip position as well as style. I used string validator to perform validation. Error tooltip is coming right hand side by default. I want to change it on top of the text field as well as its clolor also. but I just want it to perform with every tooltip not with any specific one.

Posted: Feb 16 at 6:59

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Actionscript 3 :: Flex 3 - Add A Tooltip Using The Data Provided To The Component?
I am using a custom advanced auto-complete component. Selected items do not have a tooltip by default, but I would like to use the label as my tooltip. The arraylist allQuestions is the dataprovider to my component.


allQuestions.questionText should is the path to my desired label. I have looked into using events, such as event.currentTarget, but I dont think they exist for tooltips. how to add a tooltip using the data provided to the component?

Posted: May 28 09 at 21:10

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Flex :: Place A Tooltip On The Left Side Of A Component On View
Let's say I'm trying to place a tooltip on the left side of a component on my view. Layout may look similar to this:


After the point is converted via contentToGlobal(), the point's x coordinate is drastically incorrect. I've found a way to workaround this by simply wrapping the target component in another HBox like this:


Posted: Feb 19 10 at 18:56

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Flex :: Adobe : ToolTip Of A Spark Component With Enabled=false?
I have a Spark Component (a Group) which doesn't behave as wanted.The tooltip is only shown when the component is enabled=true which the following example shows:

<s:Application xmlns:fx=""

In the Halo component the toolTip is shown. And this is, what I want to achieve.In my case I want to try something like this:

<s:Group toolTip="{cartEntries > 0 ? 'great!' : 'go and buy!'}"></s:Group>

Posted: Oct 19 10 at 11:36

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Actionscript 3 :: Flex 4 Disptaching Custom Event From Custom Component (why Flex Converting Custom Event To Mouseevent)?
This is NOT duplicate of my earlier post (its is slightly different)But this is similar issue with similar error but its not the same error The error I am getting now is below while dispatching the custom event from my custom component

TypeError: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert events::MapEvent@a74ab51 to
dispatchEvent(new MapEvent(MapEvent.CLICKED_ON_MAP));

Note: The error in my earlier post is giving below error message

Type Coercion failed: cannot convert to

The difference here are two things, the earlier error is while converting flash event to custom event and now this one is while converting custom event to flash event and secondly, I have no clue why it is trying to convert to the mouseevent where I am just dispatching my custom event with proper listeners.

This is my custome event

package events


Posted: Mar 2 at 5:22

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Css :: Flex 4.5 - Use GetStyleDeclaration On A Style In A Custom CSS Namespace?
There's some custom namespaces in my Flex project, as well as the usual namespaces like "mx" and "s". I'd like to use getStyleDeclaration on a style that's in a custom namespace, and I can't seem to figure out the proper syntax.My stylesheet looks partially like this:

fontWeight: bold;


If I try the same thing with a custom namespace, it outputs null:

trace(styleManager.getStyleDeclaration("myNamespace|ScaleBar")); // output: null

I've tried all the combinations I can think of: "myNamespace|ScaleBar", "myNamespace.ScaleBar", "myNamespace ScaleBar" etc and I can't find any documentation on how to do this.

Posted: Jan 11 at 19:07

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Flex :: Put Custom Code In A Custom Component In Flash Builder?
In the main file, I would write[code]...

But if I want the component to have that behaviour innately, where do I write it in the mybutton mxml file to have it reference itself?[code]...

Posted: Dec 11 10 at 21:35

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Flex :: Make A Custom Component Or Extend The List Component For A 2D Top Down View MAP ?
I'm building a top view 2D map, that it's objects are stored on the server.The kind of objects are 10 and might be a photo, label, button, lists, mix of them or labels with tooltips.The component must request the "areas" that are missing on screen.An area is 1000x1000 px and is cached in flex.To move in the map, will be like in google maps (drag-and-drop).I should be able to have another list and move objects from one to another using drag-an-drop on objects. Ex.: I grab an objects from a list and I move it on this map, I release the mouse button and the item is placed there.Now the problem is: I build a custom component for this trying to emulate the item renderer for performance and recyclage, implement drag-and-drop on objects and request the areas that are missing?


I extend the List component from spark and I add some features as multiple kind of itemrenderers and use recycle on them. Of course it must be able to request the missing areas on the screen and cache it's data.Maybe create a custom layout is needed too.What I need is something that must be really fluid, so the lighter this component is, the better.

UPDATE: *There will be not any object over another.

*I will not use hitTest on bitmaps because all bitmaps are wrapped in another component,as they,for now are itemrenderers.

Anyway I already begin to do this using a class that extends the SkinnableDataContainer and a custom layout. As the layout is not like a grid, is sparse, random items at diferent points(x, y).How to get the localX and localY, relative to item renderer and not to the Spark List, from a DragEvent in Flex 4?

Posted: Nov 11 10 at 16:02

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Flex :: Dispatching Custom Event From A Custom Component?
I have a custom Flex 4.5 component (to be used in a List) -

Game.mxml (represents a clickable playing table in a card game):
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<s:ItemRenderer [code].......

But I never see the "game clicked: " trace. Does anybody please know why? I'm probably missing something minor, because I can see the "Clicked: 8946" trace.

Posted: Sep 8 11 at 3:27

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Flex :: Disptaching Custom Event From Custom Component?
This is similar to the question asked here. I am dispatching custom event "ShopEvent" but i am getting error "Type Coercion failed: cannot convert to"Note: Error is thrown from the parent custom component (3rd code snippet), I have added more details thereThis is my custom event. See the first constant, I copy pasted the event name in custom components.



Posted: Feb 16 at 7:49

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Actionscript 3 :: Flex: Setting A Style That Is Not Supported By A Component
I am wondering if flex enforce style settings and throws compilation errors if a style that is applid to a component that is not supported by it. Has any one tried it before ?

Posted: Sep 2 10 at 9:58

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Flex :: Define Custom 'contentGroups' In A Custom Flex 4 Component?
The spark panel component for example can be written like this

<Panel title="Skinny">
<child components ... />
<child control bar components ... />


The motivation here is that I can now create a couple different skin files to change the look and layout of those subgroups. Reading source of the spark panel, there are some calls within the mx_internal namespace such as getMXMLContent() which is a method of the spark group component, but which I have no access to.

Does the description above make sense? How can I create custom 'contentGroups' in my custom Flex4 component that can use nested mxml child components? Should I approach this a different way?

Posted: May 12 10 at 21:21

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Create A Tooltip For A Single Word Of Dynamic Text?
I need to create a tooltip for a single word of dynamic text, and I was wondering how to do it in AS 2.0. Also, it would be nice to have a clickable link in the tooltip, if possible.

Posted: 02-10-2011, 06:14 AM

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Actionscript 3 :: Why Won't Visual Elements Display Inside Custom Component Extended From Another Custom Component
I created a custom MXML component, TurboContent, that extends the NavigatorContent class:

<s:NavigatorContent xmlns:fx=""


In this case, the 'myButton' component never shows up, but all the elements of the base component do (3 buttons and a datagrid).

Posted: Sep 6 11 at 22:08

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Html :: Flex 3 - Using Html Tags In Custom Tooltip?
I'm using a custom tooltip in order to be able to use html tags. The method I used is described here.I'm using SDK v.3.5. I also did a little hack so that the TooltipManager.tooltipClass would work (check this post for more details).Here's some code.
public class HtmlTooltip extends ToolTip

Everything works fine BUT 2 things: First, font colors tags don't work. If ever I use sth like <font color='0xadadad'>...</font> it won't work. However, if I use <u>...</u>, it works fine

Second, the <a href='...'>...</a> does not work either. I checked in several websites, and the solution would be to set the selectable property of the text to true.

Posted: Nov 23 11 at 16:23

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Flex :: Skin A (single) Spark Component To Look Like An MX Components
I want to use a Spark ComboBox with numerous MX Components but the Spark ComboBox does not look the same as the MX Components. Is there a skin I can use to Skin Spark components like MX components?


Posted: Oct 12 11 at 20:35

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Flex :: Usage Of Custom Event With Properties... Multiple Events And Single Listener?
I have multiple items in my app that I would like the user to click on.Some items are completely different classes.The classes dispatch events and then when the events are captured, some modifications are done to the transform properties of a loosely coupled display object.I want two separate classes to dispatch the same type of event, since I already have an image class that draws images based on a given url... I want the classes to dispatch the events, but then I think I want the difference to be detected when the event comes along... i.e., I would like to recognize the 'origin' or 'sub-type' of the event. Some sort of if/then logic would suffice.

Posted: Jan 6 10 at 0:35

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Flex :: Change Font Color And Size Within Single Label Component?
i'm trying to create a unordered list in Flex. My issue is that within each line, i want the word NEW to be a different font color and different font size from the rest of the label text. I am unsure of how to do this INLINE within the label component.

<s:VGroup fontSize="15" color="#ffffff">
<s:Label text="u2022 NEW Invite your friends!" />
<s:Label text="u2022 NEW Features coming soon!" />
<s:Label text="u2022 NEW Invite your friends!" />

Posted: May 18 10 at 9:37

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Flex :: Composite MXML Component - Display File Info On Single Line
I'm trying componentize one of the pieces of UI in an AIR application that I'm developing in Flex. In this example, I want to display file information on a single line (which has an icon, some text/link and the size).

My code looks like this (component is called FileDisplay):
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<mx:Canvas xmlns:mx="[URL]"><mx:Script>
public function set iconType(source:String):void {
this.ficon.source = source;
[Code] .....

However, when I do this, I get an error: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference. This is because the child components of the FileDisplay are null (or at least they show up that way in the debugger). Am I supposed to be waiting for events indicating the child components were created? For now I can manually do everything in ActionScript in my main app (create a Canvas and add children to it) but how to separate the code more cleanly.

Posted: Aug 31 09 at 23:16

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