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ActionScript 2.0 :: GoTo And Play Frame Number Of Movie Clip?

How I can make a button goto and play a frame of a movie clip. Basically the first frame is blank and when the button is clicked the movie clip will go to frame 2 and play. I'm also going to have some other buttons make it go to other frames.

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ActionScript 2.0 :: GoTo A Frame In A Movie Clip From Another Movieclip And Play?
What is the actionscript if i want to go to a frame in a movie clip from another movieclip? And also for future reference, how do you go to a frame from a movieclip/button to a frame in the main scene? Is it something to do with root?

Posted: May 18th, 2005

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Goto Frame Label In Third Scene And Play Movie?
I have a Flash movie that uses three scenes. In scene one I have a button with some actionscript to take it to a frame label in that first scene and play the movie from that point on. It works fine. The problem is, in the third scene, I am trying the same action with a different button, going to a different frame label in that third scene. I am getting an error saying the frame label does not exist in that scene. Even though it does!I've checked for typos and everything looks fine. I've copied and pasted the simple actionscript from the third scene below. Is there a line I need to add to make this work in a scene that is not the first scene?

rocketstart_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, rocketbutton);
function rocketbutton(event:MouseEvent):void {

Posted: Nov 17, 2009 4:54 PM

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ActionScript 2.0 :: OnPress Play Movie And Also Goto Frame 3?
I have this action on my buttons:
on (press) {
_root.nPage = "company";;
} on (press) {

I am trying to have a button change frames on the main timeline (gotoAndPlay X) and also load a MC on the same click. I think what is happening is because the on(press) is separate it is causing my pages to load at different times when I click real fast when AnimationMC is playing. However if I wait for the animation to load first it works %99 of the time.

Posted: March 14th, 2003

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Make A Movie Clip Goto A Frame?
I was wondering how to make a movie clip got to a frame, but the game not goto that frame? For example, make an egg goto a frame, and move to a random spot, but the player wouldn't goto that screeen.

Posted: 02-21-2010, 04:06 PM

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AS2 :: IDE - Goto Previous Frame - Main Movie Clip To Flicker
I'm using a simple piece of code on a button...


... to go to previous frame but for some reason it causes the main movie clip to flicker. Is this a known problem or am I doing something wrong?

Posted: January 23rd, 2009

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ActionScript 2.0 :: After Movie Clip Goto And Stop In Another Frame On Click Of Button
i am doing a simple project in which i have 2 frames in the main time line and a movieclip in the first frame and a button.i have something else in the second frame.when i click the button the movieclip should start after it ends the timeline should move to second frame and stop.

Posted: 02-10-2011, 02:54 PM

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Making A Movie Clip Goto A Different Frame When An Item On A List Box Is Selected
I am having problems making a movie clip goto a different frame when an item on a list box is selected. Here is my code


Posted: 12-22-2009, 10:27 AM

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ActionScript 3.0 :: If Click The The Mc1 On First Frame The Movie Clip Should Goto And Stop At Tenth Frame?
i created a two layer in time line in one layer there is a movieclip called mc1. In the same layer in 15th frame i have another movie clip mc2. Inside the movieclip mc2 i created another movie clip at frame10 now if i clik the the mc1 on first frame The movie clip should goto and stop at tenth frame

Posted: Aug 18, 2011 5:38 AM

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Advanced Button - Change The On.Release Command To Goto And Play Another Frame Into Movie Instead Of Opening A New Url
I'm new to Flash and am looking to use the following tutorial to create an advanced button. I know it is probably a very simple fix, I just cannot figure it out. [URL] In the tutorial the rollover and onrelease has the following script this.onRollOut = function(){ rewind = true;} this.onRelease = function(){getURL [URL]); } I have tried to change the on.Release command to go to and play another frame in to movie instead of opening a new url. But I'm not getting it to work correctly.

Posted: January 9th, 2006

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ActionScript 3.0 :: MC To Loop That Is Inside A MC - Play Head Of A Movie Clip To Return To A Certain Frame Of That Clip
I would like play head of a movie clip to return to a certain frame of that clip so a MC inside it would loop. I now have: stop(); as the action.

Posted: Nov 2, 2010 6:37 PM

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Tell _root To Goto Frame And Then Play Certain Frame Of Movieclip?
When you click a button I want my flash to go to the frame label where the movie clip is located, and then play a certain frame of that movie clip.

Posted: May 7th, 2006

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Collision Detection - Goto A Certain Scence When A Movie Clip Collides With Another Movie Clip
i am making a pacman game, and i need to know how to make it go to a certain scence when a movie clip collides with another movie clip.

Posted: June 22nd, 2005

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Play Movie Clip On Frame?
I am using Flash CS4 and i have made some short movie clips. I want one of them to play on frame 24 once and then the next on frame 48 ect. How would i do this?

Posted: Nov 20, 2009 12:35 PM

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Professional :: Goto And Play First Frame?
Using CS5 and Code Snippets, how do I tell the Timeline that when it gets to a specific frame to go to another one? I want it to go back and play the first frame to create a looping effect.

Posted: Dec 6, 2010 8:39 PM

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Play A Certain Frame Of ANY Movie Clip?
Lets say I have a button. What I want it to do is to tell ANY movie clip that is on stage at the moment to play a certain frame.

Posted: August 23rd, 2005

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Play Movie Clip If At Certain Frame?
How do you translate the english (below) into actionscript?If the the movie clip with the instance name "hello" is currently at a frame greater than 2 (considering the frames inside "hello," not the main timeline), then goto and play its frame 76.

Posted: July 12th, 2003

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Play The Movie Clip On Frame 1?
I am designing a tween mask mosaic animation with 1 picture on frame 1. My customers now ask me to add a 2nd mask animation with a second picture.

I used a button to go to frame 2 and play the movie clip. He doesn't a want a button.

play the movie clip on frame 1. Once the movie is over goto frame 2 and play the movie clip.

Posted: May 23rd, 2010

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Making A Button In A Movie Clip Goto Another Movie Clip (pic)
What action script would i need to make a button in one movie clip goto and play a frame in another movie clip? Im not very good at flash but i've been trying my usual codes but it dont work..

Posted: May 30th, 2007

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Goto And Play 1 Next / Advance Frame?
I have a small flv embedded in the timeline of my movie clip (instance name = bg)

now what I want to happen is when I hit my button (instance name = b1)I want the bg movie clip to goto and play the from the next frame on the timeline.[code]...

Posted: 02-06-2009, 01:33 PM

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Goto And Play Random Frame?
I have a 30-frames mc,each frame has a logo of my client. I want visitors see 30 logos randomly and each logo will pause 2 seconds for viewing.

Posted: January 7th, 2003

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Enter Frame Play Movie Clip
Enter frame play movie clip.I am trying to use this code]...

Posted: Nov 12, 2010 3:43 AM

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Play Movie Clip And Go To Specific Frame?
how to play movie clip and go to specific frame? this is sampel of playing MOVIE CLIP ONLY


but how can i play frame number 40 in that movie clip.

Posted: 02-14-2012, 04:33 PM

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Play Frame In Movie Clip Based On Time Of Day?
So what time trying to do is play a specific frame in the movieclip based on the time of day:

PHP Code:

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
var myDate = new Date();
var hour = myDate.getHours();


but when I change to "gotoandPlay" the movieclip just loads from the beginning frame and seems like it doesnt check the time.

Posted: 04-29-2009, 02:25 PM

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ActionScript 3.0 :: After Movie Clip Finishes, Go To And Play Frame?
how to jump to a frame (gotoAndPlay) on the ROOT (or any frame anywhere) right after (EDIT) a VIDEO CLIP is done playing.

Posted: April 1st, 2010

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