Media Server :: Can't Add User Name In An Authentication Add-in

Jul 21, 2010

when i enter the following commend users add -u username -p password it returned the following error users: invalid option -- u

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Media Server :: Broadcasting From Several Sources With The Possibility User Authentication?

Jan 25, 2010

we would like to purchase Flash Media Interactive Server 3.5 to solve the following problem

1.Broadcast network internet lectures on a paid subscription,with the possibility user authentication.

2. Broadcast video and audio.

3. Broadcasting from several sources (1 camera, 2 camera, TV tuner, etc.)within a single stream with the possibility of the user to choose the viewing source, other sources at this time, you can view the preview.

4. The intended audience for 10 000 users and more. 5. Estimated flow rate of 1 megabit per second.

1. Is it possible for broadcasters to use a single server, or they need more?     What configuration? 2. Does Flash Media Interactive Server 3.5 multicast? 3. How to make the system user authorization? Additional software, plug-ins? 4. How many users can simultaneously connect to the broadcast Flash Media Interactive Server 3.5 and how we calculate the bandwidth and outbound traffic?

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Media Server :: Flash Media Interactive Server Authentication?

Mar 31, 2010

have been searching throughout forums looking for an easy effecitve way to set up authenication between Flash media interactive server and flash media live encoder such that we dont have any rogue publishers. I see alot of people talking about the fact that it can be done but have yet to find a document or post that outlines the modules needed and procudures to make work. Does anyone have a good link that outlines this or document

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Media Server :: Flash Media Live Encoder Authentication Add-In Not Working?

Mar 30, 2011

I have installed the Authentication Add-In on a FMS 3.5.5 Development version, running Windows 2008 Server.I can easily get to the users.exe command prompt and add users with no problem.BUT, when I open the Flash Media Live Encoder and go to enter a username/password when connecting to the server, I keep getting "User Not Found".I've went back several times using users.exe and tested for my user credentials and it always states that the user is there.

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Media Server :: Authentication On FMS 3.0.1?

Apr 28, 2010

I have a windows server(2003) with FMS 3.01 and already installed Authentication Add-in (3)... Already open' up a command prompt and added users using users.exe ($ROOT/conf) and checking them after, but when i go and publish something with FMLE 3, it still doesn't promp for a user and pass login. Restarted the server and everything else, and nothing seems to work!

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Media Server :: FMS 3.5 And LDAP Authentication?

Feb 22, 2010

I'm using FMS 3.5.3 Developer edition and trying some VOD solution before I can proceed to purchase FMIS 3.5. Basically, I need to have a mechanism for certain sets of flash movies to be secured by user authentication.
Now, for Apache, I can secure a directory of webpages by using .htaccess; whilst for IIS or Windows Media Service, I can use NTFS ACL at directory level. My question is: How can I setup a VOD subdirectory that every video files inside need to be authenticated before streaming to client. The authentication authority can be either Active Directory or LDAP.
I've read the developer guide and notice that such authentication requires both client-side and server-side ActionScript. But I'm not a Flash author and I don't have Adobe Flash CSx installed. Can't this simple authentication be done at configuration level?

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Media Server :: 4.02 64-bit - Install The Authentication Add-in?

Jun 23, 2011

The FMS_auth_addin_win_v3.msi insists to put the files into C:Program Files (x86)AdobeFlash Media Server 4conf but the server is installed in C:Program FilesAdobeFlash Media Server 4. I nuked all the Abobe content in the 32 bit area, but it keeps re-installing it there. The server used to run 32-bit FMS 3.5, but since we upgraded, I can't get the authentication addin to work. Can I just copy the thing over?

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Media Server :: Authentication For Live Streaming

Jul 21, 2009

I was pretty confused while stetting up a FMS and reading the docs. Live Streaming is by default enabled for everyone without password. Then I discovered and installed the authentication module. But this does not work and is not well documented. Also the download page states that it will work with FMS but some lines below it is stated that: "the Flash Media Server Authentication Add-In is only available for the Flash Media Interactive Server and the Flash Media Developer Server. This Add-In does not work with the Flash Media Streaming Server." hmmm. Confusing. How can I prevent that everyone is using my server for live streaming?

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Media Server :: Authentication Addin Not Prompting?

Jun 24, 2011

I use Ubuntu server 10.4 64bit and have Flash streaming server 3.5.5 working fine  For security reason I also installed Authentication Addin on FMS and was able to add user using command /opt/adobe/fms/conf/users add -u FlashSAC  -p pass.  I verified and the user FlashSAC was added to the User.dat located opt/adobe/fms/conf. However when I used Live Encoder 3.1 to send a live stream to FMS, it worked without prompting for username and password at all. I tested Authentication Addin with Flash streaming server 3.5.5 on Windows XP and it prompted for username and password.

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Media :: FMS Application With Server Side Authentication

Feb 21, 2012

I am working on creating an FMS application which does an authentication on server side too. I hvae gone through a number of tutorials and the developer guide but not able to find a correct way to start working on this. I have been able to create a sample application which authenticates few parameters on the server side using the main.asc file with code for authentication on onConnect method. My main doubt right now is how do I set up an application which streams videos depending on this authentication. I am confused on how to setup a new application, how to setup the application.XML, which folder to store the files etc. Can some one guide me on this or give me reference to an application which actually does. A sample/tutorial which actually setups a custom FMS application for simple video streaming from scratch step-by-step would also do.

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Media Server :: 4.5.1 - How To Implement Client Authentication

Mar 20, 2012

Is there any way to perform client authentication in FMS 4.5.1 (username/password/session id) for live/livepgkr application? As without it anyone will be able to discover RTMP/HLS URL and access to live streams without any limitation.

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Media Server :: Authentication Accessing Remote Share?

Jan 8, 2010

I'm testing out Adobe Flash Media Server and Wowza Flash Server and am trying to accomplish the following... Web server and Flash server are on different computers... Flash server is configured to stream vod files (.flv) from a remote file share (UNC path) on a separate Windows domain server.
I was able to get both servers configured and working.  The final piece is to move both Flash servers to the DMZ segment of our firewall and test from outside our network.  On the DMZ, the Wowza Server is able to connect to the remote file share and stream video as it's apparently leveraging the credentials I entered when I mapped a network drive to the file share and supplied valid domain credentials.  The Adobe Flash Server is not able to connect to the remote file share and stream video because it seems that the connection method that the Adobe Flash Server uses is reliant upon the Adobe Flash Server Windows service account being a domain account... and when the server is on the DMZ it cannot access our domain controllers to authenticate.
Does anybody have any experience with this type of situation.?  Or know if there's a way for Adobe Flash Server to leverage drive mapping credentials as opposed to the credentials that it starts the Windows service with?

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Media Server :: Get Authentication Working Again Without Restarting Whole Fms Process?

Feb 23, 2012

I am sometimes (sporadically) facing the problem, that I cannot connect to FMS server with FMLE, using username and password.When I then restart FMS everything is working correct again. A customer discribed that he was not able to reconnect to the fms, as soon as he closed the FMLE without stopping encoding process?I am using the default authentication plug-in in FMS 3.5.6 on a 64-bit Debian.Everything else is working correct, only reconnecting with encoding-software (like FMLE) is not working.Is there any possibility to get the authentication working again, without restarting the whole fms process?

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Media Server :: Use Fmscheck And HTML/SWF Domain Name Based Authentication Together?

Apr 6, 2011

I want to use fmscheck to monitor my server. When i try the command ( on the FMS server itself, running linux debian)


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Media Server :: User ID In Flash Media Server Log Files?

May 13, 2010

We may be using Flash Media Server in an intranet only scenario. All users will be watching the videos from Windows boxes. Our users who are creating the videos want to track usage by user ID. Does the server log the client's user ID? Is that what c-client-id is? If c-client-id is used to store Windows user name do I need to turn on AD/windows authentication to get that info? I see that IP address is stored, but it would be simpler if the user Id were in the log file.

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Media Server :: End User Search Media Files?

May 22, 2010

If an end user wants to view a certain file on the server but does not know the file name how can they search/locate it?As an administrator I have access to the VOD folder, but end users do not have admin rights.How does a user find the file they are looking for?

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ActionScript 2.0 :: User Authentication Using PHP

Oct 30, 2009

I'm building a site that is placed behind a client login tool. I simply need my site to verify the users "authentication level" so they are forwarded to the correct "label/frame" on my time line.

I.E. Owners go to the "Owners" label on the time line, Managers go to the "Managers" label on the time line and Employees go to the "Employees" label on the time line.

I know Flash is accessing the PHP file as when I change the name of the PHP file, Flash provides an error. Therefore, I'm assuming it's reaching the file as I'm not getting any compiler/output errors.

My Actionscript

loadVariablesNum("newlogin.php", 0, "POST");
if(_root.checkLog = 100)


This PHP file is stored in the same folder as the FLASH SOURCE files and is pointed to it through it's local address ("newlogin.php", 0, "POST);

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Media Server :: User Is Not Getting Disconnected From FMS On Using IE Until IE Is Closed

Sep 9, 2009

FMS: 3.5..User is not getting disconnected from FMS on IE until IE is closed. While it works on Firefox and Chrome.When a user logs out on Firefox and Chrome, the user connection of FMS is getting updated. But it doesn't work on IE until IE is closed.

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Media Server :: User Not Found Live Encoder 3 To 3.5

Jun 5, 2009

We are testing Flash Media Server 3.5 with Flash Media Live Encoder 3. Right now we have the problem, that we can not connect from FM Live Encoder 3 to FMS 3.5 running on the localhost (M:AdobeFlash Media Server 3.5Apache2.2). Both running as Standard Installation on the same System (OS: Windows XP SP2). The User is not found. So where do we have to setup the user, so that the connection is possible


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Media Server :: Allow The User To Record Multiple Flvs?

Feb 17, 2010

I'm having a problem with Flash Media Interactive Server 3.5. I have a simple application setup. I would like to simply to be allow the user to record multiple flvs. This is just because we want them to record, preview and either publish or try again.


to start and stop recording. The problem I'm having is that while the first record seems to go ok, the second gets garbled. The video starts about 70% through, and then just plays a small portion. I've tried meta injection to fix it up, but it's just not working. I'm thinking maybe I have to reset the stream or something before starting a record again, but I don't know how.

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Media Server :: Fms User Recorded Audio Fail In FP

Aug 20, 2010

In my tracking I  records the voice, it generates the file (if i download I was able to listen to it), but if I try to play, it doesn´t play. If I use FP9 r124 it works, using FP10r53 or the latest it fails !!! all with the same SWFhas anyone experienced the same? I can not ask everyone to downgrade the flash player.

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Media Server :: Creating Users List For Each User?

Sep 21, 2010

i have made a chat app and i want to let the user add another users that he can find by searching the database of users to his own list, and grouping them ,,, this is can be done but ,,, now in my app when the user connect to the lobby he get all the online connected users in his list i mean when connecting to the online user list sharedobject the user list contains all the connected clients to the lobby and if the number of the connected users is by hundreds or thousands i think
if i create a loop for updating the own user users list statues it would not be good idea,,,
so what is the best way to let the user build his own users list and get the statues of each user in his list from the application online users sharedObject witch connected to the lobby app

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Media Server :: Calculate Bandwidth Usage For Each And Every User?

Feb 24, 2011

i m developing live video broadcasting app in fms.. hw to calculate bandwidth usage for each and every user

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Media Server :: Screen Share With Online User?

Sep 20, 2011

I'm working on e-learning project using ASP.NET,C#,SQL Server and Windows XP.I'm developing an interactive videoconferrencing using WebCam and at the same time i want to share the user desktop screen. Through FMS videoconferrencing(WebCam) is working fine. But i'm unable to share screen to online user

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Media Server :: Prevent User Publish Stream To FMS?

Mar 5, 2012

I've installed Flash Media Server and send stream to it use Flash Media Live Encoder via [URL]. And on my website, I've embed code to play this live stream via [URL]. All ok!

But, any user can install Flash Media Live Encoder and connect to my FMS, publish his/her stream (because url to publish and view is same) My question is: how to prevent end-user publish stream to my FMS, only allow end-user view my live stream?

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Media Server :: Storing Data For Upload When User Leaves?

May 30, 2009

I am trying to work out if FMS is the solution I am looking for. I am trying to create a system that will store data, and upload it to a database when the user leaves the page. I thought the best way to achieve this would be to send a data object to the media server, check on an interval to see if the user is still active and then somehow upload the data when their "session" times out.

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Media Server :: User Information Logging / Extend Access.log

Oct 9, 2009

is it possible to extend the access.log file? I want to pass user information via the connect method to the application and want to include this data in the access.log file.

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Media Server :: Capturing User Recorded Video / Audio

Oct 27, 2009

I'm new to Flash media server family. I need a server that can capture user recorded video/audio (through a flash recorder) and save it as a flv file on the server. which one of those server family is for me? I'm currently doing it using Red5, but would like to try out Flash media server as well.

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Media Server :: Appending User Information String Into Access.log?

Jul 27, 2010

I want to add some custom string into the FMS log file. If I am playing a video and I want to append some string every time when that video is played, which is in some way useful to me in analyzing FMS log, then is there anything provided or some function in which we can just pass the string as an input argument that appends it at appropriate place in the log file.

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Flash :: Media Server With Php - Allows The User To Record A Video Using Webcam

Jul 27, 2010

We want to build an application that allows the user to record a video using their webcam on our site using flash and save the URL in a database using PHP. So that we can allow the user to send the video's to other users etc. Also we want to offer the user the possibility to upload their movies (per mail and with PHP) and convert them to flash movies, can this also be done using Flash media server? (maybe in combination with AMFPHP)

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