Media Server :: Restrict The Number Of Simultaneous Users?

Aug 3, 2011

I have changed the variable <MaxConnectionRate>2</MaxConnectionRate> base on the URL - "Limit connection requests",but more than 2 client can connect to the server.
Is that other settings to config to restrict the number of simultaneous users?

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Media Server :: Max Number Of Simultaneous Connections?

Feb 16, 2010

How is it possible to determine in advance the max number of simultaneous connection for my FMS?

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Restrict The Number Of Users On Live Or Vod Applications?

Jul 7, 2011

You can restrict the number of users on a flash server applications using server-side scripting.Here is how.

1. Go to the flash server root/documentation/samples (Lets say its a live streaming aplication).

2. Copy the livestreams folder to your flash server root/applications and paste it inside the folder.

3. Open the main.asc file that is inside the folder you just pasted.

4. At the end of the code paste the following code:


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Media Server :: Restrict Incoming Stream From Flash Media Live Encoder

Aug 19, 2011

Has there been any further discussion regarding restricting who can stream to FMSS (not FMIS or the development version).
I found this article, but I don't know if this was ever fully resolved:
I don't want just anyone to connect to my server to stream live.  I want to restrict by IP address, authentication, or any other means.

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Media Server :: Restrict An Edge Connection To Core Server?

Feb 15, 2012

I want to restrict unauthorised edge servers connecting to my core server . How do i do it?

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Media Server :: Recording Video/audio Files Using Flash Media Server Through Rmtp, And Allow Users To Access The Recorded Files Through Http?

May 25, 2009

As titled, what is the way to record video/audio files using Flash Meida Server through rmtp, and allow users to access the recorded files through http?What I am trying to do, is to record a user's microphone's input and save it to the server.fterwards, I would like other users to be able to access the recorded files and mainuplating the audio data, by computeSpectrum(), to do some visualization of the audio. As I know computeSpectrum() cannot work on streaming files, so I think I need to access the recorded files using http instead of rmtp. Is that true?

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Media Server :: FLASH Video Conference Large Scale Over 100k Simultaneous Connections

Mar 1, 2010

I am involved in project managment for a large video conferncing project involving over 100k simultanous connection and most likely to be increased 4 times by next six months.While figuring out the scalability area ,it was concluded that smart selection of hardware and origin-edge clustering will be suited most. Well while studying this documentation says it supports thousands of calls but unfortunately I could not determine the actual numbers. Can you tell me how many edge server will be needed for 100k simultanous calls/number of sessions per edge server and will we need license (4500$) for each edge server?

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Media Server :: 4 Interactive Restrict Access To Vod By Ip Range?

Sep 8, 2011

I have vod files that need to be restricted to only the IP range of the ISP service. The live streaming can be available to all, how do I restrict vod access in the FMS Interactive Server, is it in the following?Virtual host on Interactive Sever:
Would I edit these files for that restriction, how do I put the IP range in format wise?
Would I add the IP range in this files for each virtual host, I have 3 of them?

I do not want to impact the ability to view live streams, it will need to remain open.

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Media Server :: Stream Blocks When More Simutaneous Users On Server?

Jul 9, 2009

I'm usig Adobe Flash Media Streaming Server 3.0.1, it works fine, no major problems, when the internet between Media Encoder and Server stops, some times the stream doesn't start automatically.I have a problem with users(viewers) trying to connect to server. The server is connected to fiber optic internet at 100mbps and the stream is made in 500kbps with media encoder 2.5.

 When are 40-50 simultaneous viewers works fine, but when enter more viewers, for example, 200 simultaneous, nobody cam receive the stream good, it works frame by frame or flash player display "buffering", work 3 seconds and buffer 5 sec,and so on.HOW I CAN RESOLVE THIS PROBLEM?it is possible to connect milions of users simultaneous, how can i do that.I need more servers to connect each to each other? Could you send me a diagram how to do that?I need to increase the ram memory from server?( i have P4 dual core 3.0 Ghz, 6 Gb ram 800Mhz).

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Media Server :: Number Of Connection Allowed In The Free Developer Ediiton Of Flash Media Server?

Mar 27, 2010

I would like to know the number of connection allowed in the free developer ediiton of Flash Media Server.

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Media Server :: Restrict Encoders Pushing Streams To FMS By Specific IPs Only?

Mar 19, 2012

Is that possible in FMS interactive? By regular, integrated means of the server itself? Without writing any code, just by using regular administative tools for FMS? Just simple "restrict encoders by IP" function.

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Media Server :: Recording RTMFP P2P Stream By Sending Simultaneous Stream To FMS

Oct 8, 2010

Only just getting started on this whole domain of learning, so go easy!If I set up a P2P video/audio chat (similar to the sample VideoPhone thing on the Cirrus site), can I get the stream from both parties to send to a server at the same time so that I can record it? If so, would I have to use a FMS to stream it to and perform the recording (and if so which version could I get away with)? Are there any (preferably free, or just tutorialised) solutions for the recording side of things?
Currently it seems like the only option for doing the P2P thing is to use Stratus/Cirrus unless I use FMS4 Enterprise.
how effective this kind of situation can be, in terms of quality of the stream and recording? Does any of this make sense?

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Media Server :: How Many Users One Web Server Can Handle

Aug 8, 2011

If I have a Quad-core server and 8 RAM, how many users can it handle while streaming a 48-128Kbps audio-only stream of Mp3 or AAC? I guess there are some users here that are handling similiar cases, and maybe employees with estimates

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Media Server :: Count The Users In Each Room?

Sep 25, 2009

I am working on flash chat in AS3,i need to count the users in each room.

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Media Server :: Prevent Non Authorized Users From Using FMS

Jan 9, 2011

I do noticed that any user who have the ip address of my FMS can do connect and stream to the server although there is no user for him and the server listens to the stream already and it appears in the active streams. How can I prevent that and only allow authorized users by my to connect to FMS and prevent all other from using it ?

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Media Server :: Recommended Spec Can Take How Many Concurrent Users

Aug 3, 2009

With the following recommended spec from Adobe website, how many concurrent users ? Flash Media Streaming Server system requirements OS : Windows Server 2003 SP2 or Windows 2008

H/W Requirements
-          3.2GHz Intel Pentium 4 Processor (dual Intel Xeon or faster recommended)
-          2GB RAM ( 4GB recommended)
-          1Gb Ethernet card

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Media Server :: Publish Stream For Specific Users?

Oct 12, 2009

I need to protect my FMS, so that only me (my Username, or IP if its not possible) can start a live stream. I have been reading the pdf on plugin for developers, and i read that the authorization plugin can do this, but it is C++ and i dont know nothing about that, i can understand a little bit, but i do not know how to make the dll i want. Is there another way to do this, the server requests a user and password when i want to stream.

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Media Server :: Creating Users List For Each User?

Sep 21, 2010

i have made a chat app and i want to let the user add another users that he can find by searching the database of users to his own list, and grouping them ,,, this is can be done but ,,, now in my app when the user connect to the lobby he get all the online connected users in his list i mean when connecting to the online user list sharedobject the user list contains all the connected clients to the lobby and if the number of the connected users is by hundreds or thousands i think
if i create a loop for updating the own user users list statues it would not be good idea,,,
so what is the best way to let the user build his own users list and get the statues of each user in his list from the application online users sharedObject witch connected to the lobby app

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Media Server :: Present Videos In FMS To Users In A Classified Way?

Nov 22, 2010

Uses can log into my site and record camera videos to FMS, and now I want to present videos that belongs to a specific user in a classfied way,that is: videos those are being recordedvideos those have already been recorded, how to do this with FMS? I'm thinking of doing this by storing such information into the database with server side as,using onConnect and onDisconnect,but that's not the most stable way IMO, I don't know whether FMS has a native support for this kind of job...

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Media Server :: Building A Chat App And There Are Between 100 And 900 Users Inside?

Feb 16, 2011

I'm building a chat app and there are between 100 and 900 users inside. I'm checking if a user is connected to the FMS by pinging it and if the stats['ping_rtt'] is higher that 3 secs i disconnect the user. The problem is that some user are connected but have very high ping like 30 secs or even higher.Does anyone have an idea what can be the reason for the high ping?


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Media Server :: How Many Users Can Receive Live Transmissions

Mar 23, 2011

I will deliver the following technical information on the server:
-Dedicated server:
Connection bandwidth: 100 Mbps Unlimited transfer limit
RAM: 512MB RAM Intel Atom 1.60 mono
System: CENTOS 5.5 FMS
Version: Interactive 4.0
We will send a stream of quality 800kbps

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Media Server :: Check The Users.dat File It Is Empty?

Jun 25, 2011

I installed said program but whenever I add users, it says they were added successfully and exist in CMD.However when I check the users.dat file it is empty. When I try Live Encoder it says the user does not exist.

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Media Server :: FMIS3 And Authenticate Users Against An LDAP Directory

Mar 24, 2008

I'm pretty new to Flash VOD, exploring using a FMIS as a substitute for an existing vbrick systems' server. One thing that I'll need to do is authenticate users against an LDAP directory. Basically, the implementation will need to embed a Flash media player in a web page, the page also sets the server URI and stream name for the player. The player would need to ask the user for a username/password, and the server would need to make some determination about whether the user is authorized to receive the specified stream.

The advertising on Adobe's site for FMIS talks about LDAP, but on closer inspection it seems as though there's no real LDAP implementation. Instead, it seems as though there's a framework that allows for the development of an LDAP service. Is this the correct understanding? and if so, are there are any third-party plugins available commercially to handle LDAP? And if there aren't any commercial products, are there are any good resources for getting started developing one?


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Media Server :: Organizing Separate Application Folders For Users

Nov 30, 2009

I have more sites, sites have some users, and each user has separate application folder
What I want is put application folder in a defined folder like following
I think for this I need to create virtual hosts.

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Media Server :: Live Streaming A Video To Multiple Users

Mar 17, 2010

we're planning to set up a live streaming service, one operson live streaming a video to multiple users. so no more than one channels contemporary in uplaod, and at the beginning it won't be a open broadcast service (maybe later..) we initially don't know how many can be the users. I've red that there's no theoretically limit for the maximum number of users connected with a fms, is this also valid for live streaming, or has it some limitation due to be live? is it necessary to have our fms, or is it possible (and cheaper) use a server provider?

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Media Server :: Users On Specific Network Can't Connect To Video?

Dec 1, 2010

We've just installed Flash Media Server 4 to host video for a new client. We've gotten it to serve up video to the public and ourselves (inside our own network), but the problem is our client cannot view the videos. They keep getting a "can't connect to the network" message.Does anyone know of how we should troubleshoot this? The videos are each about 90 minutes long, and for right now, there are six of them, which is why we wanted to stream instead of embedding them.

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Flash :: Media Server - Voice Conference Application With Many Users

Dec 21, 2010

We need to develop a flash voice conference application with using flash media server. The number of connections can be up to 20,000. is it possible with flash media server. Can it also possible with Peer to Peer. If we use flash media server what configuration needed for.

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Media Server :: Out Of Memory Error - JS Runtime: How Many Users Can One Connect

Dec 23, 2010

Not talking video here. Talking interactive apps, like chat. Ours crashes at about 500 connected users. When I report this I'm told "make sure you're not creating too many objects serverside" or "increase the JSRuntimeSize setting in your application.xml file to the max". Have now done both of those things but still get this out of memory error. Let's say I optomized my app and got 100% more connection capacity. That would be 1,000 connected users - still nowhere near enough. Are my dreams of 6,000 or 10,000 connected users enjoying all of the fruits of the FMS interactivity pipe dreams?Is it not meant for sessions of that size?

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Media Server :: Send Message To Direct Connected Users?

Jan 17, 2011

working on a text Chat application with FMS4 "RTMFP" connection and i am looking a functionality to send direct message to one to another peer

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Media Server :: Video Chat Archive / Storage With Multiple Users

Dec 6, 2010

I have developed a audio/video/text chat application with multiple users. I would like to store/save live session in to a single video so that we can manage archived live sessions, and make these sessions available for other users just like a normal video/FLV.

I know we can store single live streaming with DVR but I need to store all the live cams into single video. Note: I'm using FMIS for above application (with rtmp).

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