Flex :: Utc Date Time Format?

Jun 18, 2011

here are my functions they work fine when timeoffset is round number(1,2,3,4...),but when is 3.5(3:30), 4.5(4:30) it doesnt work.

private function init_vars():void
timeZoneOffset = FlexGlobals.topLevelApplication.parameters.clock_time_zone; // I load this


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Convert UTC Time To Date Time Format In Flex?

Jul 1, 2011

How to convert UTC time into date time format in flex. I am using sdk 3.5. for example I have current date time in UTC format as 1309522586000 (milliseconds) and I want to convert it to friday jul 1 2011. How can I do this??

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Actionscript 3 :: Date Time Format Change In Flex Custom Component?

Apr 11, 2012

im using a custom component for date time, it is 12 hours and am/pm format,Now i wat to show 24 hour format in numeric stepper and am/pm should be disabled.heres my code

[Bindable] private var _selectedDate:Date = new Date();


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Date :: Twitter <created_at> Value Into Friendly Time Format At Flash?

Sep 2, 2011

I have been googling for hours and have not yet found a solution to this problem.currently, I retrive the data from the twitter xml fileeverything works fine, my date format shows this: Fri Aug 12 03:25:40 +0000 2011But I want it to show this: 17 days agohere's my flash as3 code:

var myXMLLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader();
//myXMLLoader.load(new URLRequest("http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline.xml?screen_name=arunshourie"));


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Flex :: How To Format A String To Date

Nov 4, 2009

I have a String in the format "20-Aug-2008". I want this to be converted to eithe20/08/2008 or 08/20/2008? How can I do this?I just want to remove all those hyphens from the String and convert it to a date value.The dateFormatter function accepts only date values in the format mm/dd/yyyy. used regex and removed all those hyphens,from the String. Now in an array I have the values, 20,Aug and 2008. How to proceed after that to convert to 20/08/2008?

[Bindable]public var myDate:Date;
public function init():void


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Flex :: Date Format With Adobe?

Mar 4, 2010

I have a date and I would like to format the date like that:YYYYMMDD HHMMSSso for today it's20100304 173000But when I'm doing this:ar todayStr:String = today.getFullYear()+today.getMonth()+today.getDay()+today.getHours()+today.getMinutes();the problem is for March getMonth() sent "3" and I would like "03". There is the same problem with the day.

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Flex :: To Retreive Date In The Same Format As Stored?

Dec 17, 2009

I am facing an issue in my Flex application.I am creating some array collections and storing date objects in it.In the later part of the application I will create'advanceddatagridcolumns' with these array collections as the data sources.Initially while creating the Array Col , I do have the 'formats' given by user, for each array collection eg. '1995/06/25' but in the later part I have no access to these formats. I want to display this dates in the data grid in same way as the user has specified. Right now, it displays it in the default format 'Sun Jun 25 00:00:00 GMT+0530 1995' instead of '1995/06/25'.

I have a common 'labelFunction' for these advancedatagridcolumns, and thus I can not use the DateFormatter as I 'formatstring' would be different for different columns. So is there some way to display/retrieve the date in the same format as stored and not in the default way. Or while creating the date object can't I specify that I would always like it to be returned in some desired format.

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Flex :: Format A Date String When It Could Be Two Different Formats?

Jun 3, 2011

I have a date field in flex and have the format set to YYYY-MM-DD. As long as the user clicks the calendar pop-up it set's it that way. However, I need to allow the field to be human enter-able so they can type in a date.The problem is, most users want to type the format MM/DD/YYYY. I have a tool tip that shows the format, but how can I check the format and change it to the YYYY-MM-DD format, or do something else appropriate (alert?)?

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Flex :: Air Sqlite Date In YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM Format

Aug 24, 2011

While I was playing with Air Sqlite, I got some trouble in saving Date in the Database

INSERT INTO tblUserComments (comment_text, comment_cat,comment_date,parent_id) VALUES('"+bubbleText.text+"','"+chosenCat+"',DATETIME('now', 'localtime'),'"+_parentId+"')

store the comment_date in the following format

2455783.2596296296 instead of 2011/08/09 18:13.

How can I save the Date Data as YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM?

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Java :: Sort Dd/mm/yy Date Format In Datagrid Using Flex?

Sep 28, 2010

i used array collection sort method like below . but still sorting wrongly . Any other solution for sort date using flex3

public function SortingDate(ArrColl : ArrayCollection, field : String) : void{
var sortA:Sort = new Sort();
sortA.fields=[new SortField(field,false,true,null)];[code]...........

it's sorting but day only sorting like


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Flex :: Assign Date To DateField In Specific Format?

Jan 19, 2012

I want to assign date to Date field that is in DD-MM-YYYY format. That is I receive String Closure_Date which contains date in DD-MM-YYYY format.

I want to assign that date to Date field like:
dtCloseDate.selectedDate=new Date(Closure_Date);
In this case If Closure_Date contains 16/11/2011 it takes 16 as month so it takes 12 and adds remaining 4 months and it returns 04/11/2012.

My question is how to assign date(DD-MM-YYYY) to DateField?
If I use Dateformatter(DD-MM-YYYY) like
dtCloseDate.selectedDate=new Date(Dateformatter.format(Closure_Date));
It Returns NaN

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Actionscript 3 :: Assign A Date Which Is In String Format To A Variable T:Date

Aug 26, 2011

Writing in AS3. I cannot write, t:Date = u.data.time; u.data.time is "Mon Oct 31 00:00:00 GMT-0500 2005",because this cannot convert to Date.

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Display Value In Date Field Irrespective Of Date Format?

Sep 21, 2011

I have an mx:DateField in my Flex UI that has a formatString="dd.mm.yyyy" attached to it. However, the initial value for that field may not be in the format specified/defined for the DateField (due to legacy reasons). So, currently, if I just set that value (text) on the DateField, the field is shown empty. I think because it fails to accept the value in a format different than what's configured.

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Find Out Client Machine TimeZone In Specific Format Using Flex Date?

Sep 12, 2011

I have a requierement in my project that i need to store 'US/Eastern EST' and day light saving 'US/Eastern EDT'  in data base if client machine is in US/Eastern time zone. Because this gives clear identification instead of justing the chars like 'EST'. There is CDT in US region as well as Chaina too so can't relay just on three chars like 'EST'/'EDT'.

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Flex :: Date / Time Chooser Component?

Sep 16, 2009

I need a time chooser for a flex app, and as far as I can tell there is no UI component to manipulate Date objects at a resolution finer than per-day (the DateChooser component).What's a good time chooser for Flex? I strongly prefer a Free as in Libre and/or Free as in Beer component.

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Actionscript 3 :: Convert Date Format Yyyy-mm-dd To Dd-mm-yyyy In Flex?

Mar 5, 2012

I have a requirement. I have a date format as yyyy/mm/dd and I want to convert this format to mm/dd/yyyy in action script.

I had tried to parse to this format, it is not working.

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Flex :: DateTimeAxis - Set Label To Display Date + Time?

Sep 22, 2009

Is there a way in flex 3 chart component to display both the date and time using horizontal DateTimeAxis?

Currently the DateTimeAxis element has an attribute dataunits which allows to set the value to any of "milliseconds|seconds|minutes|hours|days|weeks|months|years" but I want to display the label as "2009/09/15 06:00:00" which includes the day and the time too.


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Flex :: Servlets - Dynamically Update Date And Time From The Server?

Jan 31, 2010

I have a GUI in flex. I am getting the value of the server date from the servlet to the .mxml file. I want to show the date and time dynamically changing. How can I do that in flex?

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Flex :: Date Time Axis Not Showing Correct Values?

May 28, 2010

<!-- Place non-visual elements (e.g., services, value objects) here -->


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Actionscript :: Flex Date And Time Stock Chart (HOLC)

Aug 28, 2010

I am trying to show BOTH the date and the time in Flex 3.5 Stock HOLC (high, open, low, close) Chart. This data shows up but not in the correct format... Problems:

1. The time are out of whack.. they do not line up with proper time.. (is it because they are not military time)?

2. The dates (days) do not show up on the bottom labels are all, is there a way to make this happen?

3. The times show up with large gaps... in the 24 hour period... Is this always the case when the data is not there for the time? Or, can I disable specific time periods like is possible with "disable days"


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ActionScript 2.0 :: Convert Array Value - Format The Date Value In Array To Become The Format ?

May 21, 2007

I have series of data which is stored in Array
eg :

Code: dateArray:Array = [["user1","1-5-2007"],["user1","13-5-2007"],["user10","21-5-2007"]];

then I loop the array to search the data I want to return to another function...my problem is how to format the date value in array to become this format before I can make a comparison with this value....

5/21/2007--> this value got from this current date

so the problem is how to convert the value in array from this format

21-5-2007 to this 5/21/2007 for all the values....the data I load from dtbase actually that's why it store that kind of format....

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Send The Date In Utc Format?

Jul 31, 2009

I using Google calendar AS3 api for a project. I am sending a normal date but the api uses the utcdate format and thus my time interval changes. How can I send the date in utc format?

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Actionscript 3 :: Get Date In Format Like This Out Of Flash?

Jul 1, 2011

How can I get a date in a format like this out of Flash AS3?

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Change Date Format?

Aug 4, 2005

Ok here's the deal, I'm working with Flash MX and wrote this script:

timeDataObj = new Date();
localtime = timeDataObj.getDate();


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ActionScript 3 :: How To Format Date Object In Flash

Sep 15, 2010

I could be overlooking something, but Flash / AS3 seems to be missing basic date formatting functionality. How do I get a formatted string from a Date ? There's a few options like .toLocaleDateString() and .toUTCString(), but that a bit limiting, to say the least. So, how do I format a Date object in AS3?

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Date Field Format For E-Mails

Aug 25, 2009

So I've searched for everything I can possibly think of and I can't find an answer to my particular problem. Although I've found many similar problems that people have with the date formatting from DateFields.I'm using the DateField component along with PHP to create a simple reservation form which sends an email with the information.I was able to change the format of the date that the user selects (from the DateField) WITHIN Flash. Ex: ("29 Aug 2009" to "September 29, 2009") -- which is what I want. However the e-mail that gets sent out is formatted as ---- "Sun Aug 30 00:00:00 GMT-0400 2009".Is it possible that I can remove the time portion and reformat the date in the DateField within Flash or using PHP? I have tried both methods but I keep getting the same results within my e-mails.[code]

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ActionScript 2.0 :: [FMX04] Format Date In Flash From XML

Apr 17, 2006

I'm currently pulling data into Flash 7, Actionscript 2.0 from an RSS XML file. One of the nodes in the XML is the dateTime for each entry. After pulling in the dateTime how can I format how it displays?


dateTime format in XML- Mon, 10 Apr 2006 16:35:00 -0700

I want it to display like this in Flash in a text field- 4/10/2006, Monday, 10:35am


10:35am, Monday, April 10, 2006


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ActionScript 2.0 :: [CS3] Format Date - YYMMDD To DDMMYY

Dec 10, 2008

changing the format of a date from YYMMDD to DDMMYY. I need to do this using AS2.

If possible does anyone know how to add in / between the days, months and years so the final format is DD/MM/YY

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Update Time And Date With Server Time..?

Jul 13, 2010

every login ,flash get server time from php. how can i update  time and date in flash..?

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Convert Date And Time To CDT Time Zone In Flex4

Apr 15, 2011

How to convert date and time to CDT time Zone in flex4.

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