ActionScript 3.0 :: Dynamically Loading 3 Photo Galleries Into File

Mar 26, 2010

I'm trying to dynamically load in 3 photo galleries into a file. They are all SWF files. When you click the button for the thai gallery, it'll pop up. But if you want to navigate to the alex gallery, the thai gallery is still visible underneath. And the same problem with the 3rd gallery only all 3 are visible at this point. Is there a way to make these not visible? I'm using CS4 with ActionScript 3.0. I've got 3 separate buttons set up for the 3 galleries. Is there a better method? I've tried using the removeChild(); but I don't think I've used it correctly as it throws errors all over the place when trying to use it.

Actionscript Code:
thai_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, loadImages);
function loadImages(evtObj:MouseEvent):void {
var imageLoader:Loader = new Loader();
var url:URLRequest=new URLRequest("thaipix.swf");
[Code] .....

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I have just started to learn more about XML in Flash but so far it's all a bit confusing. I have this photo site that I'm working on at the moment and I can't figure out how to load dynamically specified photo galleries. I load in my XML on the first frame of the root timeline with this script:


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Flash Photo Galleries Without Xml Configuration Files

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I saw many examples in jquery compenents which takes image urls from HTML DOM. But flash photo galleries always need xml configuration files as i have seen till now. I need flash compenents which doesn't need any configuration settings from server. If it is possible to do that flash can get image urls from DOM or even by javascript. Is there such as flash photo gallery compenents ?

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I've created a photo gallery that dynamically loads images into a movieclip entitled 'gallery'. Right now the images are listed in an array. how would I make it so that different arrays could be loaded for different image galleries on the site? For example clicking a certain button would tell the movieclip to load different sections. It would load an array that goes


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Right now, I have a successful combo box that loads an external jpg to flash from a folder where I store all my images. However the information that is given about the pictures are all in the flash code. I have an xml document, and I was wondering if there's any way I can load information from the xml file rather than supplying it in the flash code,

this is currently the flash code:
combo_cb.addItem("0001 The Assasain", 1);


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ActionScript 2.0 :: Add More Galleries The Kirupa Photo Gallery?

Apr 21, 2007

I've been trying to add more galleries the Kirupa Photo Gallery but so far unsuccessfull - i've modified things alittle, but it's mostly the same.

function loadXML(loaded) {
if (loaded) {
image = [];[code].....

This is as far as i can get before i get errors i cant get out by displaying image[i] in gallery[n].at the current time i can only get the number of galleries and display the images in the first gallery - not change between galleries.

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Multiple Photo Galleries In Flash

Apr 13, 2011

I already have a photo gallery running on my website, but I would like to add 4/5 more. The script I am currently using is;

var autoStart:Boolean = false; //true, false
var secondsDelay:Number = 6; // 1-60


I've obviously changed the first and last frame part of the script to suit where I have put my images. And I have also changed the next and prev button to be next1 and prev1, however the rest wont work, i'm guessing I need to change a lot more but I don't know enough about scripting.

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Nov 23, 2006

I was working yesterday with the galleries from Scotty - http:[url].... - trying to add a dropdown menu for the different galleries, instead of the buttons (I'm talking about the V3 with Thumbnails). My skills are not that good I realized. Do you have any idea on how to achieve this?

What I need is a combobox showing the different galleries i have on my XML file and if the user chooses another gallery, the it loads the new set of pictures and thumbnails.

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Good Play To Download/purchase Flash Photo Galleries?

Sep 13, 2007

is there a site where you can download flash galleries for a portfolio.. ?

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I'm trying to make a photo gallery that is dynamically controlled via an xml file.

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Loading 2 Galleries Via XML?

Aug 3, 2008

I have two buttons on stage, to load pictures from gallery 1 (gotoAndPlay ("slider1")) and gallery 2 (gotoAndPlay ("slider2")) respectively. I changed the variable in _root.xmlfilein the second set (slider2)mybtn1 loads gallery1 without any problemmybtn2 loads only one picture from gallery2, nor the text is loaded.

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IDE :: XML Gallery With Multiple Galleries Inside 3 Galleries?

Mar 15, 2009

I need a simple way to use xml and create a multiple gallery inside 3 main galleries so basicly like this: (Everything would be in the same page, list view, when clicking into one it would open it)

GALLERY 1 (Will include numerious galleries)
-Example 1
-Example 2[code]....

Basicly when clicking the link it would hover the pics with a scrolling effect in the flash file (that all should be sorted out)

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IDE :: Any Tutorials For Xml Galleries With Advanced Loading?

Mar 30, 2010

I downloaded and am using kirupa's flash gallery with xml. It works/looks great. but i'd like to have it behave a little differently. i've seen sites where the thumbnails continue to change their alpha indicating they are loaded and loading while i'm viewing an image. are there any tutorials/samples out there for that? i simply want to see how it would all work together. maybe having 10 thumbnails and an image using xml.

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Creating Three Galleries In One Swf File Using XML?

May 22, 2007

I now have another issue that is preventing me from making this thing work properly. I have attached a zipped file of both the XML and the Actionscript. And here is the link to see what is happening at this point. Here's what I'm needing to do:I have 15 images. 5 images need to rotate in a single movie clip inside my flash movie. So I have 3 movie clips rotating 5 different images. The 15 images are in the XML file in three different categories (this will make sense if you look at the XML).I have the gallery kind of working, but the rotation of the images is not working properly. Again, I think all of this will make sense as to what I'm trying to do by looking at the XML and the link above.

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Load Different Image Galleries Into A Container Flash File?

May 8, 2010

I am trying to load different image galleries into a container flash file. Each image gallery will be in a speparate swf that can be loaded/unloaded from the main swf. I get the first gallery to load and function fine, using the following code:

var ldr:Loader = new Loader();addChild(ldr);ldr.alpha = 0ldr.y = 110ldr.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, loaded, false, 0, true);ldr.load(new URLRequest("folio.swf"));


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Dynamically Loading Gallery Using XML File

Sep 17, 2009

I have started putting together a flash based website to present my works. I am dynamically loading thumbnails and the larger companions using an XML file. Everything seems to work fine on my comp but when I upload it to my host sever the larger images do not want to load and on occasion a page of thumbnails doesnt want to load. My address is [URL]. Also the code I am using only places one image atop another, so when I click on a thumbnail it will place the larger image on top of the last it does not take the previous one away. which can be a problem if one image is smaller than the last. or if I wanted to load movie clips.

Here is the AS of one page.
//XML Trails stuff
//var to hold Tween;
var fadeTweenPhotoP1:Tween
// Creating image txtfield
var imageTextPhotoP1:TextField = new TextField();
// Instance of loader class
var imageLoaderPhotoP1:Loader;
[Code] ....

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ActionScript 2.0 :: [FMX] Loading .TXT File Dynamically?

Jul 14, 2003

I recently did a site for a spanish language online magazine where the text is loaded dynamically. My problem isn't actually loading the .txt . The thing is that spanish-language punctuations like �, �, �, �, � and � get truncated. The dynamic textbox has the font embedded, and the font I'm using has the vowel and � punctuations that get truncated.How may I correct this???? I've tried everything!!! I had to get rid of the punctuations, but I HAVE to include them because of the grammatical and syntax problems not having them makes.

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Dynamically Loading A Text From A Txt File?

Feb 14, 2007

Which is a more easier/simpler/preferred/more control way of dynamically loading a text from a txt file?

1. Put a dynamic text Var as: text

PHP Code:


2. A dynamic text instance as: text

PHP Code:


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ActionScript 2.0 :: Loading Text Dynamically From A .txt File?

Aug 1, 2007

I'm loading text dynamically from a .txt file ( the font is embeded, verdana 10px, and it is rendered as HTML ). The problem is the following: the HTML tags work quite well but with some exceptions. I can't use <b> <i> <u> ( and maybe other options either but these were the ones I was playing around with ).

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Dynamically Loading Pictures Into A File

Oct 18, 2004

I need to load pictures into a file. However I want it to load all the pictures in a certain folder. Does anyone have any suggestions, or questions as to what i am trying to do? I want to load pictures into the movie at runtime. And I want it to load all the picture within a folder. I could name the pictures in a certain way if needed. aka pic1, pic2.

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Dynamically Loading Images From XML File

Jan 30, 2005

I need to dynamically load images from an XML file and I usually find badly written tutorials that I can't understand or I find a .fla but don't understand the code in it.

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Loading Contents Of Text File Dynamically?

Aug 3, 2007

I'm trying to load the content of a .txt file dynamically... If I leave the .txt file in the same root with the .swf it works perfectly, but I tried moving the .txt files into another folder and it stopped working...

var path ="/info/myInfo.txt";
var my_lv = new LoadVars();
my_lv.onLoad = function(success) {
if (success) {
// actions go here...
} else {
trace("error load text files");

"info" is the name of the folder the .txt file is in... I even tried upload it to my server and giving the absolute address like [URL] but nothing...

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Actionscript 2.0 :: Loading Items From External Text File Dynamically?

Sep 25, 2009

I am attempting to load text from an external .txt file into dynamic text fields using AS2When you click on a button (named forward and back), I want the next &-denoted "news" item to repopulate the current dynamic text boxes to replace the first bit of info.This is what I have so far, but I'm stumped. I used the trace to make sure the button is "clicking" (it is), but I can't get the integer to go up a number and repopulat the fields.

var newsData:LoadVars = new LoadVars();
newsData.timeline = this;


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ActionScript 2.0 :: Rotating Dynamically Fed Photo Around A Center?

Sep 6, 2006

I'm doing a little photo rotation front-end for a site I'm working on. It's a custom photo gallery site that needs to have a photo rotation functionality to it. The back-end developers couldn't find a decent way to do it in Javascript, so they've come to me to figure it out in Flash.They pointed me to the Flickr rotation tool as an example. Seems like it should be straightforward:Load photo into empty movie clip on stageRe-center photo movie clip to the stageUse left/right rotation buttons to rotate image in 90 degree incrementsThat said, I'm having a tough time, after I load a photo into the empty movieclip, using a rotate left and rotate right button to spin the photo around. Obviously, the registration point is in top-left corner of the photo movieclip when the photo is loaded.

I've read that rotation can be managed by putting the clip to be rotated into an outer clip, but...there's a catch......I won't ever know what the exact size of the photo being loaded is going to be, so I can't set the outer clip to a certain size. I only know that it will never be wider than 100px.

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Drag & Drop Dynamically Added Photo?

Oct 20, 2010

i'm adding external photo from pc with this code;


But it doesn't works. How can i fix this problem.

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Dynamically Loading External Jpgs Into A Dynamically Created MC?

May 18, 2009

Essentially, I've got a MC container that's created dynamically based off an XML file (basically for every <title></title> I've got, it makes a new "card"). Now within the context of each <title></title> grouping I've got <imgs></imgs> in which I specify the path to images that are related.All of that works perfectly, save for the external jpg files actually appearing on the stage. The MC I add them to does, but the external image doesn't.My problem is- I can't add the external images until they're completely loaded (or so it appears). The thumbnail BG I use is blank. So I know for a fact that the thumbnail BG isn't occluding the loaded thumbnails.

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Loading Data From An Xml-file And Dynamically Create Movieclips With Textfields Inside Of Them Return "undefined"?

Oct 22, 2004

i'm loading some data from an xml-file and dynamically create movieclips with textfields inside of them, but I'm kinda stuck. I'm not up to the point where I completely understand how you can refer to a nested object using this syntax: _root[movieClipName]. If you want to nest something inside of that movieclip, you have to work like this:


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Sep 17, 2008

I'm attempting to use "if" statements to determine if an dynamically loaded photo is portrait or landscape. The problem I'm having is when I try "gallery_mc.getChildAt(0).width", it returns 0.

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Photo Gallery Not Loading?

Nov 8, 2009

I have got a free swf flash photo gallery of the internet. using dreamweaver cs4 to install the swf file,the file plays on my local browser but only some of the master images display on the live internet gallery. the navigation icons do notcan not figure out where the problem lies, is it in the flash code or the structure of the files in the directory. I have no idea

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Loading Photo Into The Mc

Jul 9, 2004

I'm trying to put jpg, or gif picture in to the movie clip. here is the code:


it doesn't work always for jpg and for gif it's not working at all.

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