ActionScript 2.0 :: Modifying The Kirupa Countdown Script?

Nov 11, 2005

I have made used the turoial from Kirupa to make my count down to a date file. I have modified the actionscript to pull the data from my sever using flashvar and everything is working fine.What I would like to know is how can I modify the script to only display days? I do not need to display hours, minutes, seconds or millseconds. All I need is days left.

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Modifying A Kirupa Tutorial

Jun 21, 2006

modify this tutorial ([URL]) so that it does this: one of the external swf's has a button in it that loads another external swf in a different area of the stage, so now there would be 2 external swf's displayed on stage. Then, when one of the main buttons is clicked, the exit animation of the 2nd swf is played, then the exit animation of the 1st swf is played, then the new external swf is loaded in the same spot that the 1st one was.

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Modifying PhotoGallery From Kirupa?

Sep 1, 2003

Trying to get my head around all of the variables, functions, etc. Anyway, I want to modify the Kirupa photo gallery AS <http:[url].... to have my movie go to another movie or scene after the images have been viewed one time instead of playing through the array over and over. Printing out the AS and going through my references I am getting an understanding of what things are doing.

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Modifying Kirupa's Xml Photo Slideshow?

Jul 17, 2009

I'm trying to modify Kirupa's xml photo slideshow by adding an extra text field, which if I understand correctly gives each element 3 children (image+text1+text2) instead of 2 (image+text). Even though I've added the third child correctly in the xml, I can't seem to get it to work at all. Here is what I did with the actionscript:

delay = 10000;
function loadXML(loaded) {
if (loaded) {


I've highlighted the parts I've added to the code provided by kirupa's tutorial. sub_text is the instance name I give to the new text field in Flash.

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ActionScript 1/2 :: Design A Countdown Timer With Ability To Set Countdown Time Through Buttons

Jan 29, 2012

Im trying to design a countdown timer, with the ability to set the countdown time through buttons.I would like to have the dynamic text field to display the countdown numbers in HH:MM:SS format.I would also love to have a 30 minute button, and a 15 minute button which generates the time in the text field.Then a start and stop button to begin or end the countdown sequence.

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ActionScript 2.0 :: CS3 Countdown To Date + Number Countdown?

Nov 30, 2009

I have a countdown to a specific date. Mine is 31st of december 2009. But I want a number related to the countdown. So it starts with lets say 8000.Now I have the number related to the amount of days. 62 is 8000, 61 is 7500, 60 is 7000... etc. When you enter the page it checks the countdown date and relates a starting number, every 3 sec. the number goes decreases. I want to add an action to every countdown. I know there must be a better way of coding this...

The best would be that the number decreases realtime, so everytime you go to the page number changes... Does anybody know a good way of doing this or provide a related tutorial link ? I really tried to find an example, but every countdown tutorial is related to time only....

onEnterFrame = function() {
var today:Date = new Date();
var currentYear = today.getFullYear();


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IDE :: Modifying UI Scrollbar?

Feb 19, 2009

I have created a dynamic text box and attached the default UIscroll bar from the components library in CS4.I have attached it to the text box and it works ok.When i drop it onto my page it appears white (my background is black). When I preview it does what it is supposed to. So far so good. NO! The default Scroll bar is hideous. I want to change it but I cannot figure out how to.

I have tried double clicking it but it cannot be edited. Is this an action Script thing? I have recreated it in another flash document with the text box and the scroll bar which I have attached called 'scroller with text'.I have double cliked the scroll bar and changed it to how I want it and it works, i know how to but its not in my main flash file i am working from. I have saved the one Ire-created one as a SWF and tried importing it but it has errors on it. see attached 'MAIN_Menupage'.I have been through all the tutorials on this website and cannot get this to work.

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Modifying The Name Of A Variable?

Apr 13, 2010

i'm trying to write some code to create an instance of a movie clip and set it's coordinates to ones from a file. the problem i am having is that every time it does it i want it to load the next coordinates in a list. how would i do that?

this is my code:

loadVariables("data.txt", "");

then on a button:

Actionscript Code:
onClipEvent (load) {  i = 0;  sett = 1  cur = 300}onClipEvent (enterFrame) { function port():Void {  this.attachMovie("note","note"+i++,this.getNextHighestDepth(),


in my text file is: xx1=40&yy1=80&xx2=43&yy2=89 etc.

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Modifying A Template?

Dec 8, 2009

I don't know where to find it, I purchased a file that is a Flip Book done in AS3, the author of the book made a table of contents that requires me to type the pages and page numbers in the xml and then it creates the buttons, I want to be able to create my own buttons in order to create my own table of contents,

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Modifying An External CSS

Sep 20, 2010

This is not about applying an external stylesheet to texts inside flash, but the opposite: modifying an external CSS. I'll keep it brief: An html has a div (id='wrap') with content in it, the style of that id is loaded from an external CSS. The html also has a swf in another div (id='whatever'). I want to switch the visibility of id='wrap', from 'hidden' to 'visible', with the click of a button of my swf.


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ActionScript 2.0 :: XML Guestbook With PHP : Modifying For 2?

Aug 8, 2007

This is in reference to the Kirupa tutorial "XML Guestbook with PHP". I used this guestbook on my previous site, and it worked great. The site was originally published under Flash 6 AS1. I am redesigning my site to be published as Flash 7 with AS2. When I test the guestbook in Flash 7 AS2, it errors. What parts of the actionscript do I need to update so it works with AS2?

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Modifying DisabledRanges Value?

Jan 26, 2009

how to append the disabledRanges property of the dateChooser Component, kinda like this(assuming cal as the instance name):

dRange = [{rangeStart: new Date(2009,0,0), rangeEnd: new Date(2009,0,20)}];
cal.disabledRange = dRange; // will disable all up to the 20th

I want to turn dRange into:

dRange = [{rangeStart: new Date(2009,0,0), rangeEnd: new Date(2009,0,20)},{rangeStart: new Date(2009,0,22), rangeEnd: new Date(2009,0,31)}];

cal.disabledRange = dRange; // will disable all up to the 20th then all the dates past the 21st effecively disabling all dates but the 21st

something like:

dRange += [{my new dates...}];

...But that doesn't work

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Modifying _y Value Does Not Work?

Jun 29, 2010

I'm having the most frustrating problem. I've got a simple code that just refuses to work for some reason.(AS2)

for (a = this.ref + 1; a < _root.Boxes.length; a++)


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Modifying Flash Shopping Cart

Apr 12, 2009

modify an existing flash shopping cart I purchased from (link). The cart uses two XML files to pull in data and to configure most of the data settings. I need help with one thing: I'm using this cart on a sunglasses shopping site and I need to configure the optional sunglasses to be clickable so they can be added to the cart. I know I need to modify both the flash .fla and the xml file so I've included the code for both below. Here's a link to the website I'm trying to re-configure. The section I need to edit has the optional sunglasses on the right-hand side of the main photo.Here's the first xml file that does some of the basic settings. This file is called settings.xml.[code]I made an attachment for the actionscript code called actionscript.txt that needs to be modified. All I need to do is figure out a way to make the optional images clickable so they can be added to the main cart. We can also just create a button that says add to cart next to each sunglass option. Either way works for me. I'm even willing to compensate the person who can help me come up with a workable solution.

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Modifying Text Created In The Flash GUI

Jan 22, 2010

I'm trying to build a schedule with Flash CS4 and Actionscript 3.0 for an Internet radio station. I'd like to have a .swf that I can open, drag and drop a text symbol from the Library (ideally, for design reasons), and then change the color of the text with Actionscript when the user presses a button.

I can change the color of text if I create it with Actionscript, of course, but I'm not sure how to use Actionscript to change the color of text I've created in the Flash GUI. I can't pass a TextField to a symbol and expect Flash to know what to do with it, can I?

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Modifying Properties Of MC Using A Loop?

Sep 16, 2011

I have twenty objects in the stage, everyone is name: unit1... unit2... and so on to 20.I wanted to use a loop to modify for example, the alpha values of everyone at the same time. So I used a name like unit1, unit2 so I thougt I could use a loop to assign the alpha values...

"unit" + i.alpha = 0;

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Modifying Colors In Flash Template?

Jun 11, 2009

i need to change the animated logo's color in the left from green to blue.I have never done anything in flash before, this is the first time i've used the program, but so far i was able to figure out how to change the navigation and bar color and the text. but i can't seem to see where the color of this logo is coming from....

In screentshot 1 you can see that the Logo_Anim is made up of the Logo_1 - Logo_5 movie clips.Each of the logo_# clips is a piece of the logo.I'm not sure if something in the Logo_Anim is controlling the change in color of each piece of the logo, but it doesn't seem like the indiviual logo_#'s have any kind of setting..

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Modifying Document Size?

Aug 3, 2009

Does anyone know a way to dinamically modify a flash document's size at runtime?I have a drop down of which the item can have any number of pixels in height so it might be taller than the flash document. In this case i would need to resize the flash document and also resize the it in html so it won't be cut off.

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Java - Modifying AMF Response At Runtime?

Dec 2, 2009

I have built a simple flex application (using BlazeDS) which displays "Person" details by invoking a java service using flex remoting. So, my Person class looks something like this:

class Person {
public int age;
public String name;

As a java developer, here is my understanding: When I run the front flex app in my webapp, an RPC call is executed and BlazeDS does the hard work of invoking the right method, obtaining the result as an object, converting the object to AMF format (serialization). And, then the web/app server sends back this response to the requesting app over http. The flex app now does the task of deserializing the object received in AMF format and somehow make use of it.

Here is my question: I would like to modify the response before it reaches the Flex application by modifying the attributes of the person object. I have a Filter in place to do this. However, I am not sure as to how I would deserialize the AMF stream, modfiy the object, serialize the object back into the stream / reconstruct the stream somehow.

Is there a way to doing this? Where should I start? If the question was too confusing, here is a shorter version: How do I modify the response stream of content type AMF-X, before it reaches a flex app using a java filter?

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Javascript :: Modifying Iframe URL With JQuery?

Jan 22, 2012

How can I modify the URL of an iframe, if it contains the [URL] text?

I want to append:


to it, but only if this argument doesn't already exist;

$(this).attr('src') + '&amp;wmode=Opaque');`


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ActionScript 3.0 :: Modifying Properties Of An Object?

May 4, 2010

can i modify the property inside its class, and then get it from another class with the modification done on it?

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IDE :: Modifying The Scolling Thumbnail Gallery?

Dec 11, 2006

I'm just trying to change it so that a small line of text appears under each thumbnail. Each line of text is pulled from the XML file and is created using createtextfield. But after a few hours trying to warp the code to get it to work I still haven't gotten anywhere.I've tried many different approaches of attaching these text fields to the mc but no go. These two lines do create a text field for each thumb-but these fields do not scroll with the thumbnails. I'd like these text fields to be inside the "thumbnail_mc" clip so that when the thumbnails scroll the text moves along with it.

this.createTextField("price"+k,k,0+(k*150),0,200,2 0);
this["price"+k].text = price[k];


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ActionScript 2.0 :: Modifying Internal Movieclip?

Jan 26, 2008

I load an external swf:nto my movieclip bill using loadMovie.inside bill.swf it has a movieclip called jon, and I load it in

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Modifying 3D Carousel Behavior?

Dec 10, 2009

[URL]I've read/viewed this tutorial and I want to tweak its behaviour to suite these requirements:

- Carousel must be static unless one of the icons are clicked.

- When an icon is clicked, the carousel must rotate until the clicked icon is on the center of the carousel (6 O'clock of the circle) then it will stop there.

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Modifying The Simple Tweening Code?

Nov 14, 2009

I got some simple code for a click-based tween animation on another site. as it is now it animates a target clip to the location you click. How could you assign different destinations for, say, 4 objects, each assigned to a different button 1: animate the 4 elements to location set 1 button 2: animate the 4 elements to location set 2and so on...


import fl.transitions.Tween;
import fl.transitions.TweenEvent;
import fl.transitions.easing.*;


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ActionScript 3.0 :: Functions - Modifying To Exchange Information

Jan 26, 2009

I have nested functions, I have removed most of the code.


LOTS and LOTS of code (pages of it) including multiple arrays, series of questions and prompts that run my tutorial and all are initiated by an initial button press and then act on key-press responses provided by the user. These key-presses are stored in arrays. I could not possibly explain it all without getting comments that I was providing too much information ***


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ActionScript 3.0 :: Classes And MovieClips - Modifying Y Coordinate

Mar 9, 2009

How do I use/call (say... modify the y coordinate) of a MovieClip that is placed on the stage, in a parent class of the Document class?

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Modifying The Components' Source Code?

Jul 25, 2010

Flash components (such as CheckBox, ComboBox, ScrollPanel and the like) are tremendously buggy.As an average, for every hour of normal coding with ActionScript, I spend 3 extra hours designing workarounds, tweaks and hacks to fix unexpected behaviors due to bugs in the components (when I don't use components, it is just 1 hour of extra work designing workaround,tweaks and hacks to fix unexpected behavior due to bugs in the flash player and/or AIR runtime for every hour of normal work).As far as I know the components(runtime) behavior is entirely coded in ActionScript, and searching my hard disk I've found what seem to be the source code in places such as

C:Program Files (x86)AdobeAdobe Flash CS5CommonConfigurationComponent SourceActionScript 3.0.For example, source code for the classes belonging to the fl.controls package appears to be located at

C:Program Files (x86)AdobeAdobe Flash CS5CommonConfigurationComponent SourceActionScript 3.0User Interfaceflcontrols

So I thought I may have a look at that source code and see if I could be able to find the source of some particular issue and maybe even correct it.I know the risks.But after modifying,for example, in the abovementioned folder, simply adding some dummy trace()s just to see if it worked, it doesn't seem to work. I created a fla file, placed a ComboBox and tested it, but I cannot see the trace printout I added. I did "delete ASO files" but nothing changed.So how do I tell Flash to recompile the components?

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Professional :: Modifying JPEG Files In Flash?

Apr 6, 2011

I was trying to erase(using eraser tool) some portions of the jpeg file after importing it in flash.. It does not work....I even converted it to symbol but the problem remains the same. Is it permitted or I am following the wrong approach.

I had another issue with a swf file..It plays perfect in the flash player...But when the same file is imported & played in the After Effects, it displays a still frame..

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Flash - Modifying Sound Data (MP3) RealTime

Dec 24, 2009

var sound:Sound = new Sound();
var req:URLRequest = new URLRequest(url);
I want to modify the sound data (an mp3) as it comes in. Specifically, the mp3 will be encrypted using a stream cipher and I want to decrypt the data as it comes in. Is this possible using some type of event?

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