IDE :: How To Make Floating Windows In Flash Webpage

Mar 15, 2009

i want to make my home with sliding windows like this website.[URL]

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Animation Involving Balloons Floating In And Then Floating Out Again When A Condition Is Met

Mar 16, 2011

Having a problem with a little animation involving balloons floating in and then floating out again when a condition is met. There are two ways they can float in or out: from left to right, or completely randomly. I actually like it as coming in (left to right) and going out (random) but it's essentially up to the user.

Since I moved my Array sort code into the function that basically deals with telling the balloons to float off though, I've been having problems. Sometimes one or a couple of the balloons will not float off and I'm kind of boggled as to why. Because it works fine IF the Array sort part is outside this function, I'm wondering whether, when the for loop at the bottom starts running, the Array is still being sorted and that's why some balloons get left behind.


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ActionScript 2.0 :: How To Make Floating Menus

Mar 21, 2004

how to make floating menus or could give me a tutorial

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Any Way To Make Floating Header List?

Aug 12, 2011

I want to make a list android looking like this. Is there a component that can already do this or how can i make one?

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Flash :: Make Ios Apps In Windows With The New Pro Cs5.5?

Mar 18, 2012

It's very difficult to find a concrete answer for that question some people says yes and other no; i need to know before i pay the developer license fee.

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Flash :: Make A SWF Into A Screensaver For Windows 7?

Jun 16, 2011

Is it possible to make a SWF into a screensaver for Windows 7? How about without the compiler tool?

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Make A Movie Clip Or Text Look Like It Is Floating?

May 9, 2002

make a movie clip or text look like it is floating? Is it done with motion tweening or actionscripting?

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Flash - Embed .swf In Webpage And Make It Fullscreen

Feb 16, 2010

Is there a way to embed a .swf file in a webpage and provide a way to make it fullscreen? I'm creating these files with Adobe Captivate, which doesn't seem to provide a way to publish in other usable formats (.avi files are too big, and no .flv is available, to which there seem to have some players around that allow fullscreen).

If there's a way to convert .swf to some other "embedable" format,

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Flash - Make A Swf Talk To Another Swf On A Webpage

Aug 31, 2006

I am trying to make a swf talk to another swf on a web page, i.e. to separate flash pieces would be able to pass information back and forth to each other on a page. I have some thoughts on how this might work, but I am curious if anyone has done this before, and or what you would think the best way off achieving this would be. Haven't found much about this topic on the web...

my initial thought would be to have flash update something like an xml file via a webservice, then have the other piece constantly look for a change in information, but that seems forced.

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Website - Make Movable Windows In Flash

Jul 23, 2011

I figured that Flash would be the best for the result I'm going for. I am making an Adobe Flash website and part of the website includes a box that is draggable and movable around the screen. So, to keep it simple, how can I make it movable?

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Make Windows Pop Up On Flash Projector?

Aug 19, 2004

I will be making flash projector. How do I make windows pop up on flash projector when you click on buttons while exploring the contents inside?

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Professional :: Make An Flash EXE Autorun CD Which Runs On Both Mac And Windows?

Jul 22, 2010

I checked the forum and couldn't find an idea on this.I have a Flash .exe and also a MAC .app for my project. I need to autorun these when the CD is inserted.If it were a single .exe and if i wanted to load it in windows machine it would be a piece of cake.But I have 2 files, and I wanna load it from a single CD. If the system is Windows I want it to load the .exe, and if the user system is Mac i want it to load a .app. How do I program the .inf file now?

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Generate HTML To Make A Custom Webpage Pop Up From Flash?

Jun 2, 2009

I know how to make a webpage pop up out of flash that links to a certain site or whatever...

But can you put the HTML inside flash itself, so all the source is contained in the flash, and when you open the webpage, it will be generated as stored in flash?

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Make A Webpage Link To .swf Open In Flash Player Not Browser?

Apr 27, 2010

I need to know (fairly soon), how to make the .swf file i have linked into a page open in flash player, not an explorer window.

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Flash :: Make Webpage Displayed Same Size On Any Screen Resolution?

Nov 19, 2010

How can I make my flash Webpage displayed same size on any screen resolution of my computer? Whether it is 1024 X 768 or 1280 X 960 screen resolution, the size of Webpage (Flash Webpage) should always be same so that user don't need to use horizantal scroll bar to view all the content.

And secondly, how can I scroll my webpage vertical on moving with my mouse like in the following link: The below link also shows that it's webpage size is always same on any screen resolution.[url]...

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Make QWebView Recognize And Properly Load Flash On The Webpage?

Jan 2, 2012

What is the simplest way to make QWebView recognize and properly load Flash on the web page?

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Professional :: Make Icons For Wlm (windows Live Messenger) In Flash With 2 Frames?

Jul 13, 2010

im trying to make icons for wlm (windows live messenger) in flash with 2 frames and the quality come out crummy when im saving the animated gif this is the original icon which is good quality:[URL]..
and this is what came out to me when i tried to make the animated gif while i did it strict saved it first as bmp so it will not lose quality[URL].. and finally saved it as animated gif and picked 256 colors which is max for gif how is that come? i asked someone and he told me that in flash the animation comes out very ugly and i should use software called "GIF Construction Set Pro" or something like this is that right? there is no other way to increase the quality or something in flash?

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Embed Flash Games Into Windows Forms Compact Framework Under Windows Mobile 6?

Feb 5, 2010

I want develop an application on windows mobile.In this app, i need to show some Flash games to the end user.ow should I do?embed an Flash ActiveX Control (in Windows mobile Form application) ?embed an IE control?BTW (because i do not have a windows mobile device now)Can I views flash in IE of the windows mobile device?for play flash, Macromedia Flash Player 7 for Pocket PC should be installed on your windows mobile emulator.DIT2:after practice i found following package should be installed before your windows mobile progr

Vista SP2
Visual Studio 2008 SP1
Windows Mobile Device Center


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ActionScript 2.0 :: Make Windows Popup On Flash Projector When Click On Buttons While Exploring The Contents Inside?

Apr 24, 2004

I will be making flash projector. How do I make windows pop up on flash projector when you click on buttons while exploring the contents inside?

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Flex :: Make A Flash Browser App That Could Receive Data From Browser Plugin Or Other Windows App?

Dec 18, 2009

in other words, suppose I want to send data, like text, programmatically from a Windows app (such as a browser plugin) to a Flash app running in the browser. Well, conceptually, an example of this might be a Flash instant messenger with a textbox and button "Send"; so let's say I want to be able to programmatically paste the text and press Send or otherwise activate it. That's NOT what I am trying to do here in reality (i.e., no,I am not trying to spam other people's chat rooms or anything)but just an illustration of a similar situation.I can include in it whatever widget or hack that may be necessary.The reason why this problem is arising for me is that AFAIK the SDK that is providing me the data I want cannot be directly accessed from Flash, so I need a way to pipe the data from a regular app into Flash. can I have the Flash app interact with other apps through localhost IP? Or are there draconian restrictions on which server Flash in browser can and cannot interact?

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Windows :: Flash AS3 Animation In Mac Vs Windows

Jan 12, 2010

I am working on a short animated story, which has a scrubbable timeline and chapter headings. I used TimelineMax for sequencing it. For the most part, it is working fine. I am seeing some strange behavior that pop up, though: sprites disappear, functions stop responding to user input, seams of the sprites become transparent -- all small issues but pretty hard to nail down because they happen in Mac only.

So I am wondering what is wrong with Flash, and why it misbehaves on a Mac?

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ActionScript 2.0 :: How To Make Pop-up Windows

Mar 31, 2005

There seems to be like 8000 threads on how to make pop-up windows. This isn't one of them. I'm working on an eLearning program that uses SCORM. All of the stuff out there makes use of FSCommands to communicate with the Learning Management System, which is worthless on the Mac. I know you can use getURL to access javascript functions. I've already tested that, and simple things work fine (like popping up an alert).I need help with implementing the specific stuff here. It's more complicated than a simple alert or pop-up, and I'm getting nowhere..

Javascript fragment: (the function name and "LMSSetValue" are the important things.) This is straight from the macromedia template you get when you publish a flash file with the SCORM tracking html.[code]I'm definitely hitting my apiSetScore function fine. I put an alert javascript in there and that works. But the DoFSCommand is not doing anything.

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Make A Whole Swf Url Link Once Embedded Into Webpage?

Mar 21, 2001

How do you make a whole flash movie a url link once embedded into the webpage?

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Creative Pro Make Webpage Feature?

Sep 20, 2009

On the creative pro website [URL].. they have a block at the top with images that change. It is titled 'today on creative pro' Does anyone know how they created it? Was it with Flash?

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ActionScript 1/2 :: Make The Swf Appear In The Center Of The Webpage?

Feb 8, 2011

Other than using HTML, how to make the swf appear in the center of the webpage?

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Make F4V Files Play In A Webpage?

May 11, 2009

I have a webpage that I have a video linked to play when a user clicks on it - simple enough. With flv (v9 and below) videos, I have no issues serving it up to the user and them viewing it - with a f4v file this is a different animal, nothing happens, the web page player sits there spinning like it is going to do something and never does, like it cannot read or understand the video file.

how to make f4v videos play in a web page? My flv's are working fine, but cannot seem to get the better compressed f4v's to work right. I do not have DW CS4 or I would have tried to see how the code worked there. I created these videos in Premier Pro and exported via the Adobe Encoder in CS4. The video is beautiful for the same size and quality compared to the hazy flv's, so I really want to use the f4v's, I just cannot seem to get it to work.

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Professional :: Flash 'floating Out' Of Div

Feb 7, 2011

I'm trying to embed Flash movie (MP3 player) to HTML using SWFObject. The SWF is 30px high but when you roll over some elements, the height can go up to 100px because some elements show up. What I want to do is to have div 30px high but when I roll over particular Flash elements, then the elements that should show up are not visible. I was wondering if there is a way to allow Flash to 'float out' of the div so the taller elements become visible when rolled over the Flash movie.

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Make .swf Movie Center On Webpage?

Jun 26, 2011

I have a question, i have created my website and I publish the settings to swf-file and html-file and when I open the html file my website is to the left. But I want my website to be in center of the screen, can anyone tell my how to center the flash file?

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Make Something Similar To Time-Machine In A Webpage?

Dec 17, 2009

I want to implement something similar to MAC OS X Time Machine in terms of having time-line on the page side and then clicking on a specific day will pull a page from the server.

I have good experience with Ruby on Rails. I'm less experienced with GUI design and was wondering what in your opinion is the optimum way to do something like that. Couple of ideas came to mind:

- Use Adobe Flex (or maybe Silverlight?)

- Use JQuery (or similar JavaScript library)

- Use something like Objective JavaScript

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Make Two Separate SWF On The Same Webpage Control Each Other?

Jun 30, 2010

I've done a search and found out about LocalConnections but I don't seem to be able to apply them to my issue.

I have two separate SWF files that appear on the same web page. Both are simple animations and all I want is when the first has finished playing for the second to start, and them when that has completed restart the first one again (and so on...).

I'm also guessing that in order for this to work I'll need some code in the first SWF to detect that the second has finished loading otherwise nothing will happen when the first SWF reaches the end.

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