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Flex :: Automatically Scroll VBox When Item Is Drug Near Top / Bottom Edge?

I have a VBox containing a bunch of panels. I have implemented dragging and dropping but I need to be able to scroll automatically when the item is drug near the edge. I am having mixed results. I can get it to work, but not well. My example is below. It works if the user bounces their mouse around a little near the top or bottom edge, but I want it to work if they just hold the mouse there.[code]So if they are within 50px of an edge then it should scroll by 50px. I've exaggerated the numbers just to get an affect.

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Flex :: Automatically Scroll To Bottom When New Data Added?
I have 2 questions about flex datagrids: How can I scroll it automatically to the bottom when new portion of data arrived to it (e.g. I added new items). Strange, but seems it doesn't scroll when I use scrolling wheel, is there any trick about it (especially for mac Users).

public function scroll():void {
chatboard.verticalScrollPosition = chatboard.maxVerticalScrollPosition;
} <mx:TextArea id="chatboard" x="10" y="10" width="310" height="181" text="{chatMessages}" editable="false" verticalScrollPolicy="on" resize="scroll()"/>

But actually it don't work. The text area is not autoscrolled. Seems that 1) scroll is not called after new string is added to chatMessages.

Posted: Nov 28 09 at 19:53

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Flex :: Fill An HBox In From The Right - VBox From The Bottom?
I only really need the HBox answer but figure that if we get a good answer in here I'm trying to do a similar thing with a VBox. It would be nice to know this in both actionscript and MXML. So I have an HBox that I want some text aligned from the left and some radios from the right. Like so:


Posted: Jan 27 10 at 22:17

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Actionscript 3 :: Dynamic Text Automatically Scroll To The Very Bottom?
How can I automatically scroll down the to very bottom of a dynamic textbox?

Posted: Jun 20 11 at 22:06

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Make External Text Automatically Scroll All The Way Down To The Bottom?
is there a way so that you can make external text automatically scroll all the way down to the bottom?


and is there a way to hit the enter button to send a submit function?

Posted: April 22nd, 2008

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Flex :: Flash - Scroll Page To Bottom?
I have a Flex application, I want to scroll the page to bottom when a button is pressed.Scroll bars is added by browser, they do not belong to flex app or component.I can do this by javascript but is there a way to do this with action script?

Posted: Jun 16 10 at 13:00

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Flex :: Programmatically Scroll To The Bottom Of A Mx:TextArea?
Consider the following mx:TextArea <mx:TextArea id="textArea"/>

periodically being updated with new lines of text using ..
textArea.text += newLineBeingAdded + "

how do I make sure the textarea is scrolled down to the bottom so that the last line added is visible to the user?

Posted: Jun 22 10 at 20:01

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As3 :: Xml - Flash - Aligning Bottom Edge Of Movieclips Programmatically
I want to accomplish the same thing with code that Flash's Align - Align Bottom Edge button does within the IDE. I have a series of move clips of different heights which are all added to the stage dynamically via XML. When they are all added, I want to then align them - does flash provide a method for doing this with code? Or is the only way to do it to detect their heights and adjust them by the height difference?

Posted: Jan 3 at 21:58

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Flash :: Flex Spark List Scroll To Bottom When New Data Is Added
I have a Spark List (spark.components.List) backed by an ArrayCollection for its dataProvider. The List has a vertical scrollbar when there's too many rows to display. What I want is when a new row is added to the List for it to scroll to the bottom to show that new row.

I've tried calling List's ensureIndexIsVisible from a listener on the ArrayCollection. This doesn't work because the List hasn't yet fully rendered the new row. It will either scroll to the second from the last row, or throw the exception:


Posted: Oct 6 10 at 19:22

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Flex :: VBox Doesn't Add Child If All The Objects' Height Over The VBox's Height?
I have a VBox with fixed width and height, and I add image objects with fixed width and height. I find that if my objects' height exceed the VBox's height, it doesn't show the object. I tried validateNow(), but it doesn't work. The object is added, but VBox just doesn't display it, so it leaves a blank with a same height as my other object.


Posted: Jun 7 11 at 12:53

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Alignment And Positioning - Logo Slides In And Automatically Aligns Itself To The Right Edge
I'm trying to create a website that behaves similiar to [URL]. They have managed to create a website where the objects are constantly aligned to either side of the page (not just on resize). For example, the logo slides in and automatically aligns itself to the right edge, regardless of window size. How do they do this?

Posted: May 30th, 2007

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Flex :: Scroll To Selected Item In Spark List Component?
I'm setting selected element in s:List component with Actionscript, it works, but List doesn't scroll to selected item -- need to scroll with scrollbar or mouse. Is it possible to auto-scroll to selected item

Posted: Oct 21 09 at 16:48

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Flash Automatically Hyphenate Text In Box To Avoid Big White Spaces Along Right Edge Of Box?
I have a text box that is about 300 pixels wide and can't be any wider. I also have a lot of text, so wordWrap and multiline are set to true. Works great! Only problem is that the text wrapping creates a lot of unused white space in the right margin of the box. This white space takes up a lot of room and looks kind of rough.

Is it possible to have Flash automatically hyphenate the text in the box to avoid the big white spaces along the right edge of the box?

Posted: 09-18-2008, 12:50 PM

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Can't Get The Map To Stop Its Scroll When It Reaches Its Edge
I have created a scrollable map which moves via mouse down buttons (left, right etc). Problem is I can't get the map to stop its scroll when it reaches its edge.

Posted: May 2nd, 2003

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Flex :: DataGrid Item Editor - DropDownList Fires Focus Out On Scroll
I have a data grid with a custom item editor that displays a DropDownList component. When I click the scroll bar in the component, it is firing a focus out event on the list, which is causing itemEditEnd to fire. Why the list is not keeping focus, or how to make it keep focus. I'm using Flex 4.

Posted: Feb 24 11 at 18:06

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Flex :: Spark DataGrid On Mobile Application Handle Scroll And Selection Item?
I have a spark datagrid on a mobile application, I set the


and the dataGrid scrolling is good, I got some problems adding a selectionChange eventListener to it, because scrolling the dataGrid will automatically change the selection and instead simply scrolling it, the function binded will start...

How can I add the touch dalay before select the index, so if I scroll the grid the selection won't change, and it change only if I press the item without scrolling?

Posted: Dec 15 11 at 14:21

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Automatically Align MC To Bottom Of Screen?
I have my movie embedded with 100% width 100% height in order to take up the entire browser window. Now what I would like is a MC to automatically align itself so that it stays at the bottom edge of the browser and adjusts itself whenever the browser window is resized.

Posted: January 25th, 2004

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Space Appears After Text When Scroll To The Bottom?
i am a newbie flash designer. a client has asked me to make modifications in a flash file used on his website. it is flash 8 actionscriptfile which i decompiled using sothink decompiler 4.5 build 90120 to '~divisions original.fla'. the xml folder resides in the same folder as ~divisions original.fla. it contains divisions.xml.i discovered a problem - if you view 'divisions.swf' - when you click on 'retail visual solutions'and scroll to the bottom, you can see that there is no space after the text. the end of the text aligns with the end of the scrollbar. but when you click on eyesite, and scroll to the bottom, you can see that there is space after the text. the end of the text does not align with the end of the scrollbar.

my additional questions are:has the creator of the swf file used some unique scrollbar code or is this scrollbar provided in flash itself. in this case, i can read a tutorial to understand it better.i have given 'is correct - no space at bottom of text.jpg' and 'is incorrect - space at bottom of text.jpg' to further explain my query.

Posted: Jul 18, 2009 1:42 AM

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Flash8 Scroll - Why The Extra Space Is There At The Bottom
I've got a dynamic vertical scrolling gallery which works fine except for one small thing. There is lots of space underneath the last item in the gallery which shouldn't be there... [URL] I can't for the life of me figure out why the extra space is there at the bottom...


Posted: 06-21-2009, 04:17 PM

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Professional :: Scrolling Thumb Panel - Scroll Up And Down Near The Top And The Bottom
Ive used the excellent tutorial to create a scrolling thumb panel ([URL]) It works brilliantly and I have movie thumbs linking to a flash player. It all works fine, what change the scrolling. At current it scrolls up and down according to where I have set the 'line', I would like it to scroll up and down near the top and the bottom, rather than all the time (effectively creating a dead zone in the middle). I cant figure out how to change the code to get this to behave as required.


Posted: Jan 6, 2010 6:24 AM

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Actionscript 3 :: Possible To Blur A VBox In Flex?
I want to blur a VBox component when my mouse is out of it and unblur it when my cursor comes back to the VBox region. How can I blur a VBox in Flex?

Posted: Aug 3 09 at 3:40

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Flex :: Controlling Which VBox Gets Scrollbar
I have the following application and I am trying to put a scrollbar somewhere inside the TabNavigator, preferably on the innermost Vbox, but the scrollbar always ends up on the Panel. Is there some kind of property which controls this? I thought height=100% would have controlled it but it doesn't seem to work.[code]

Posted: Nov 4 09 at 16:01

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Flex :: Add Radiobutton Child To VBox?
I am having troubles adding a radiobutton to a VBox in actionscript.

var radioButton:RadioButton = new RadioButton();
radioButton.groupName = "source";
radioButton.label = "label";


I first created these radiobuttons in mxml and it worked fine, but now that the radiobuttons need to be dynamically generated in actionscript it doesnt work.

When stepping through in the debugger I get to a binding error (1009) when trying to execute the addchild statement and nothing shows up in the VBox.

Posted: Feb 2 10 at 22:12

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Flash :: Add A Border To A Flex VBox?
How do I add a border to a Flex VBox? My VBox is the renderer of a List. I've tried the following without success (in particular VBox's borderVisible="true" borderStyle="solid" borderColor="0x888888"):

<mx:List id="myList" dataProvider="{myData}"
width="100%" height="100%"


Posted: Oct 4 10 at 21:38

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Get A Variable Containing The Drug[?] Arraynumber And Then Applying It To The Second Array?
when it comes to AS3 and I'm creating a drugdeler game in the spirit of old DopeWars. On my main timeline i have placed out 6 movieclips containing pictures of drugs and named the instances. In my actionscript i have created 2 arrays, one containing the instance-names of the drug movieclips and one containing the name and price of each drug in string

Now what I want to do is when you mouse over a drug-movieclip a textfield will appear containing the string associated with that particular drug.The problem is, I have no idea how to get a variable containing the drug[?] arraynumber and then applying it to the second array to get the string into the textfield.Here's my script;

var drugText:TextField = new TextField;var drugIndex:Array = ["Ganja $500", "Heroin $10,000", "Cocaine $25,000", "Hasch $600", "Acid $1,000", "Ectasy $1,500"];var drugs:Array = [ganja_mc, heroin_mc, cocain_mc, hasch_mc, acid_mc, extacy_mc][code].....

Posted: May 9, 2009 7:56 PM

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