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ActionScript 3.0 :: ROLL_OUT Fires While Hovering?

I'm trying to create a Thumbnail class that extends MovieClip and have run into a "loop". When I hover a cursor over a Thumbnail instance it fires an over and an out event. That is, that happens if I add any kind of filter to the Thumbnail class in the over event, if I leave that out and trace the code it fires only the over event and waits till the cursor leaves the thumbnail. I have tried adding the GlowFilter and the ColorMatrixFilter with the same effect: premature ROLL_OUT.

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Actionscript 3.0 :: Hovering Tip On Roll Over
I'm getting a flickering issue with my too tip hovers. I've tried writing the code in 2 different ways and I'm still getting the same thing! Each way seems to work fine if there's only one object, but when there are more than one and you start moving the mouse between the 2 this really annoying flickering keeps occurring? My file needs to have several objects which all overlap. I've tried altering the hit areas so that they don't actually touch - but no effect.I've also tried swapping ROLL_OVER for MOUSE_OVER and MOUSE_MOVE but all with no results!

Posted: Wed Jun 10, 2009 11:24 am

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Play Flash Movie By Hovering Over A Div?
I have a small Flash movie. I want it to play if a user hovers over a div. When the user hovers on the div, the Flash will then play above that div (i will use absolute positioning to display the flash), but wanted to know how I can call the Flash to play by a div.

Posted: December 1st, 2010, 01:09 PM

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IDE :: Making Thought Bubbles Pop Up When Hovering Over Something?
I'm trying to make this banner for my cartoon website, where a thought bubbles pops up whenever someone hovers over one of my cartoons.

Posted: October 16th, 2009

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Recognizing ROLL_OUT?
I'm programming a Flash-based site designed by the client. The trouble is the SWF dimensions are small within the HTML page, and the thumbs show the larger images on roll over. The large images are meant to disappear on mouseout, but it's easy to move the cursor too quickly for the mouseout to be recognized -- so the image gets stuck on screen.

Posted: 01-13-2011, 09:36 PM

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Activate Movie When Hovering Over A Button?
I have a movie clip that throws out a bunch of little stars. I then have a button (a big star) and I want the movie clip to play when the button is hovered upon. So, basically when you hover over the big star a bunch of little stars float up from behind it. I have attached my fla, and my code for the movie clip is below:

onClipEvent (load) {
a = 0;[code]..........

Posted: 12-28-2009, 09:23 PM

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Make An Image Appear When Hovering Over Text In Flash Cs3?
How would the .fla that has text and when mouse is over that text an image appears look like?

I was thinking to make the text a button and then add some script....

Posted: Nov 24 11 at 4:27

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ActionScript 3.0 :: XML Gallery - ButtonMode When Hovering Over The Thumbnails
I've built a simple little XML gallery. Features I need to add.

1) ButtonMode when hovering over the the thumbnails. I get "1119: Access of possibly undefined property buttonMode through a reference with static type flash.display:Loader." when I add it in.

2) One of the images loaded in is actually a SWF with a video that auto plays when the thumbnail is clicked. It play fine but when you click on a different thumbnail, you can still hear the video playing in the background. How to I property unload it. You can also see the last image behind the video player so unloading those would be great too.

3) As you can see in my code below, when you roll over or out of the thumbnails their alpha property changes. I want to make it so that when you click on a thumbnail it's alpha will remain 1 until another thumbnail is clicked and then it's alpha will change to 1.

4) Now this is the tricky part. I need to put an invisible "next" button over the large image that when clicked will load the next image or swf. It will also need to change the alpha property of the corresponding thumbnail to 1 so its matches.


Posted: 07-05-2011, 10:56 AM

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Change The Style Of The Text When Hovering Over It?
I have created a new textFormat for some dynamic text that is loaded into a textfield. Is there a way to change the style of the text when hovering over it?

Posted: April 13th, 2005

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Get A Hand As Cursor When Hovering Over A Movieclip?
I have movieclips as buttons, so I dont get the hand when hovering over the mc's.

Posted: Aug 14 10 at 13:36

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ActionScript3 :: Stop Sound On ROLL_OUT?
Im trying to make a simple interactive flash animation so when you roll over a invisible button a sound plays from the library, then when you roll out the sound stops.

So far i have this



Is there a way to stop the sound playing with ROLL_OUT or stop the current sound when a new one starts?

Posted: Oct 19 11 at 23:03

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ActionScript 3.0 :: ROLL_OUT Listener Not Firing?
I am loading an external image into a movieclip and the rollout works fine if I move the mouse slowly. If I scroll quickly across the stage, the rollover state stays and the rollout doesn't happen. Slowly rolling back over the movie clip doesn't fire the rollover, but does fire the rollout according to the traces.

container.getChildByName("dot").getChildByName("id ").addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT, dotRollout);

Unfortunately, I don't have a small example of this. It is a piece of a rather large conversion from AS2 to AS3 and this is just about the last bug.

I could use a trick to track the listeners that are added and removed.

Am I creating the problem by adding and removing the listeners everytime a hover or src image gets loaded?

I should mention that it is failing in Flash player 10 since one post called it a player bug. No great info there.

Posted: January 16th, 2010

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Change Text In Box When Hovering Over Menu Item?
I have a menu and I would like a caption describing the menu item, it needs to change for every menu item that I hover over. I could do this manually and include 6 descriptions saved as text and just make each appear depending on which menu item I choose, or I could make the same element appear for every button I hover over and let the actionscript generate the text dynamically.

Posted: 01-28-2009, 03:13 PM

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Object Floating/Hovering In Space Effect?
I am trying to do an animation...which has to show a gun hovering/floating in a space bg....just not sure HOW TO..?

Posted: 10-27-2009, 01:05 AM

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Flex Hand Cursor When Hovering Over Button?
How do you use CSS to show the hand cursor when hovering over a button component in Flex? I am aware I can do useHandCursor="true", but I wanted a CSS solution so I don't have to copy and paste this a million times.

Posted: April 12th, 2009

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Canceling MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT On CLICK
I am using an event listener for both rollOut and rollOver to a button, on roll over it populates a text field, roll out clears the field, however I would like on click to populate the field and leave it persistant untill another roll over event happens, curently the roll_out event takes priority and when I move my mouse it clears the field, regardless of click.

what is the best way to cancel the roll_out event?

Posted: 01-13-2012, 05:01 PM

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Removing Event Listener On ROLL_OUT
I'm trying to build a scrolling thumbnails from scratch for my first time and i can get the thumbs to scroll when the mouse rolls over the scroll arrow, but i can't get it to stop scrolling once the mouse rolls out.

leftscroll_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER, scrollLeft);
function scrollLeft(e:MouseEvent):void {
addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, goLeft);


I've tried moving the entire roll_out function all over the place but I would get errors not being able to find lremoveFast but either way I can't get it to funciton

Posted: Dec 7, 2009 8:41 AM

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Flex :: Roll_out Event Fire In Code?
I have made this short example to demonstrate some problems I'm having.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<mx:Application xmlns:mx="" layout="absolute">


Posted: May 24 10 at 12:44

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Actionscript 3 :: MouseEvent ROLL_OVER/ROLL_OUT Alternatives?
I have a custom cursor and I want it to change when you highlight a MovieClip, and return to its default value when the MovieClip is not highlighted anymore.I've used MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER, MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER, MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT, and MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT. The result isn't very smooth and there is a small delay to when the cursor changes. Also sometimes if you move the mouse fast enough the cursor won't change at all.

Posted: Feb 5 11 at 14:11

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Play And Stop FLV On ROLL_OVER ROLL_OUT
i want a flv to start when i mouseover a special location. i have placed a button there with alpha = 0, and with eventListeners for ROLL_OVER and ROLL_OUT.

the roll-out video is the same as the roll-on video, only it goes backwards.
so i want it to start seamlessly where the other one stopped as the mouse rolled out.

this is what i've done so far:

ActionScript Code:
play_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER, playVid);
play_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT, playVid);
function playVid(e:MouseEvent):void


it is very staccato, and on ROLL_OUT it removes the video totaly before it plays the out-video. so it's not seamlessly.

So is there a way to "pre-load" these two videos, so it appears as fast as a normal mouseover/mouseout on a button? And a way to keep the on-video on screen untill the off-video starts at its seek-point?

Posted: 02-07-2009, 09:15 PM

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Detect Mc MOUSE_OUT/ROLL_OUT Without Events?
How to detect mc MOUSE_OUT/ROLL_OUT w/out events?

Is there any way on how to detect MOUSE_OUT/ROLL_OUT event in a MovieClip?

Posted: 08-19-2009, 06:13 AM

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Images Not Registering ROLL_OUT Event?
They work fine if you are slow, but if you just brush one of the hotspots the thumbnail will stick on the screen.

Here's the code.


Posted: January 27th, 2007

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ActionScript 3.0 :: ROLL_OUT And MOUSE_OUT Triggering Incorrectly?
I am having a rather annoying problem!! Basically my code is triggering the event when it definitely should not be...Here is my layout:

Node container - holds all my Sprites and has a MOUSE_OVER (<works fine) and a MOUSE_OUT / ROLL_OUT (<neither of which work) Sprites in Node container - contain text + images but have a Shape hitbox on the top layer meaning there should be no confusion!Basically, I check to see if anything rolls over my node container with MOUSE_OVER which triggers correctly and allows me to target which sprite the user has rolled over.

However, when you move the mouse over the sprites (but not outside!) if constantly triggers my MOUSE_OUT and ROLL_OUT events, it makes no difference which one I use...This is is really frustrating and I can not think of even an ugly work around in my code to solve this, it would be nice to fix it and add it to my knowledge later.

EDIT : Actually the MOUSE_OVER triggers as soon as the OUT event has triggered incorrectly.

EDIT 2 :Basically I have a custom cursor and this is the root of the problem, it thinks I am rolling over the cursor and then out constantly.. OK so how can I Ignore my mouse cursor image? So it doesn't think I am rolling out all the time..?


mouseEnabled = false;
mouseChildren = false;

Posted: March 7th, 2009

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ActionScript 1/2 :: Hovering Buttons - Whole Screen Fades Into A Translucent Gray
I want to know the actionscript for when hovering over a button which is a picture, the whole screen fades into a translucent grey (with everything else still in the background) and have a larger version of my picture appearing on top of the grey.And when the mouse leaves the button, the grey and the larger version of the picture will fade out and return back to my original.

Posted: May 27, 2009 5:33 AM

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Flex :: Programmatically Display A DataTip In Chart (without Hovering With The Mouse)?
I would like to show a dataTip on a flex chart by setting the selectedIndex property of the AreaSeries. For instance, if selectedIndex = 2, then a dataTip appears over the third item in the series. Is this possible in Flex 3.5? .

Posted: Jun 15 10 at 22:37

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