ActionScript 3.0 :: Launch And Connect To Java Server

Apr 13, 2011

I was wondering if it was possible to launch a Java server when an SWF is started up. What I want is for a player to be able to "Host" a game from their browser, which will launch a Java server that will run on their computer and allow users to join, similar to what would be done with an out of browser game if a player chose to host a game themselves.I already have the Java server written and interfacing with AS3, it's the automation of the launch process that's got me stumped.Is this possible? If not, how is something similar to this usually done? My main hope is that I wont have to create dedicated servers that users will connect to. Would I have to launch the Java application through the web page?

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Media Server :: Way To Connect Java Servlet To FMS?

Nov 5, 2009

Is there any way to connect Java servlet to FMS?I would like to send comand from servlet via HTTP to FMS?(Something like communication to Flash media server using administration API)The best way for me would be connecting (writing) to SharedObjects, but I would be happy with any connection at all.(I read some about ColdFusion, but there would be too much modification on my servlet.)

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Flash :: Impossibility To Connect To A Java Server

Mar 14, 2011

I'm having trouble with a XMLSocket script in AS3. I have a java server and i'm trying to send a XML data, but the server isn't recieving anything. The most suprising is that my script worked very well a month ago, and now my IOError listener returns me.[code]

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Java :: Connect To Socket Server From AS 3 AIR Application

May 12, 2011

I read through the method to connect to a socket server : [URL]. I wrote an AIR application to connect to the java server code, but the client cannot connect. What is missing in the code?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<s:WindowedApplication xmlns:fx="[URL]"
xmlns:mx="library://" backgroundColor="#D5F8C3">
[Code] .....

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Java :: Build The Client With Flex And Connect To The Server Data With BlazeDS?

Dec 20, 2010

I have a server with some simple java objects running. I want to build the client with Flex and connect to the server data with BlazeDS. The problem is the Flash Builder is not generating the Classes correctly. Just the properties are being generated, the inheritance are not being generates.

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Java :: Channel.connect.failed Error When Deploy Flex Project To Linux Redhat Server?

Jun 23, 2011

when i do this locally on tomcat server on local development machine it works fine when i brought it over to linux im getting this error.i dont know what to do anymore it should be straight forward but i'm having no luck. i do have a web.xml and i see a broker for my remote access so i just dont know what it could possibly be

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Debugger Not Working - Attempting To Launch And Connect To Player

Nov 1, 2009

Whenever i try to debug movie, it does nothing but say "attemping to launch and connect to Player using URL C:Documents and SettingsBlahMy DocumentsFLASHTDBackup.swf [SWF] C:Documents and SettingsBlahMy DocumentsFLASHTDBackup.swf - 95873 bytes after decompression" in the output. I tried leaving it for an hour and nothing happened.

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Professional :: Error Initializing Java Runtime Environment At Launch

Jan 9, 2011

I'm currently on a Windows 7 64bits system and I've got this unsolved problem of "Error initializing Java Runtime Environment. You may need to reinstall Flash" pop-up at Flash CS5 launch. This error (apparently relied to AS3 compiling machine) also appears during SWF compilation (so the compilation is bugged and the SWF is unusable) I've googled it and tried every piece of answer but none of them worked :
- Re-install Flash or Java (32 & 64 bits)
- Delete CLASSPATH in environment variables
- Reduce (or raise ?!) -Xmx128M environment variable
- Launch application with XP SP3 compatibility
Is anyone here had the same problem and succeed to pass through in any kind of way

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Java :: Way To Connect Flash

Feb 22, 2010

It`s not a secret that is very difficult to create beauty user interface using Java. Flash has powerful tools for it. We use Flash to show some nice face and Java to process business logic(DB, calculation etc). How they can connect (over HTTP or TCP/IP not important) without additional technologies?

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Media Server :: Swf Hosted On One Server Connect To Live Stream From Another Server?

Apr 28, 2010

One server - is streaming server with Flash Media Interactive Server 3.5that host the application with asc files in FMS application directory.Second server - is the IIS web server that host thehtml,aspx,swf etc.. files.So basically i heve swf file on one server that have to connect to live streaming via rtmp on different server with different ip address.I did not find any clear explanation on this crossdomain rmtp issue.ys only HTTP can use crossdomain.xml policy filebut not rmtp.So what policy security procedure need to be done in order to enableswf file hosted on one server to connect and show rmtp live cam broadcasting from another server?

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Java :: Web Multiplayer Game In FLEX And Java - Build The Server Clients Managing System?

Aug 4, 2011

I'm building a Facebook multiplayer game where the client side is in FLEX and the server side is in Java and I wanted to know if there is a guide on how to build the server clients managing system. When I say server clients managing system, I mean a server which many clients will connect to and will be able to choose between tables to join and play or to create their own table, same way as in texas holdem poker.

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Java :: Flex - How To Connect MySQL In Flash Builder 4.5

Dec 27, 2011

While I am connecting the dateservice via menu Data> connect to BlazeDS the error showing that RDS server message : connection refused : connect

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Media Server :: Cannot Connect To Admin Console FMS 3.5 Running Separate Apache Server

Jul 7, 2009

I have installed the FMS 3.5 Server on a separate IP from our main Apache Server: The server is running Redhat Linux 2.6.18-128.1.10.el5
FMS 3.5 running on ***.***.**.138 using ports 1935, 8080 (Admin Server using port 1111)
Apache 2 running on ***.***.**.139 using port 80, 443. (several sites setup on this IP)
However, when accessing the fms_adminConsole.htm in the root directory of one of the domains on ***.***.**.139, all login attempts fail. I am connecting to localhost and using the assigned user and password set up in fms.ini. Using either IP fails as well. The FMS server is set up to listen to all hosts as no specific IPs were set.
/var/log/messages show that FMS and the Admin Server are up an running and listening:
Jul  7 12:15:37 228215-web1 Service[28196]: Server starting...
Jul  7 12:15:37 228215-web1 Service[28196]: Server started (/opt/adobe/fms/conf/Server.xml).


All other settings for FMS are default. This is my first time setting up FMS as a fresh install on a new unknown server and I am at a loss as to what settings to check or which files I may need to modify to get it to connect properly. It is a managed server is hosted by if that makes any difference.

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Flash :: Media Server - Connect To Own Server To Watch Streaming Video From Another Computer?

May 19, 2010

How can i connect to my own server to watch my streaming video from another computer?

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Connect To MYSQL DB From Java, Create Table, Insert Data, Retrieve It With Datatypes

May 25, 2010

How to connect to MYSQL DB from Java, create table, insert data, retrieve it with datatypes. How to make use of the data to/from in Flex application. i have basic knowledge in sending and receiving messages using BlazeDS.

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Media Server :: Connecting FLME With DVRCast - Get An Error "Failure To Connect To Primary Server?

Jun 22, 2011

I am trying to set up DVR streaming using FLME. I'm following this tutorial: http:[url]........I'm up to Step 2,

I put in the following information into the FLME:
FMS URL: rtmp://
Stream: mp4:sample.f4v

Then click 'Connect' , but I get an error "Failure to connect to primary server verify that your server URL and application name are valid and that your internet connection is working and retry". My server is a 32-bit windows 2007 VPS , with FMS running.I don't know if I set up the DVR Cast application correct. All I did was copy the dvrcast_origin into the installationdirectory/applications, then I started a new instance of dvrcast_origin with _definst_...Also, I am running the trial version of FMS, and DVR needs FMIS. Is there a way I can just run FMIS?

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Media Server :: Hello World - Failure To Connect To Pimary Server?

Jan 14, 2011

I have installed FMS 4 on a remote host - Windows 2008. When I install it, I would prefer to install the Apache server and so I did. When I open the initial web page (file:///C: [url]...), the flash content loads and the panel says it is streaming from rtmp. Seems good. But when I try to conect to this from another Flash Media Live encoder, rtmp://ip address/live, where ip address is the address of my host, it won't connect (Failur to connect to pimary server).

When I try to connect to my server with a browser - http://ip address, it loads a web page but clearly it is loading from from IIS.So port 80 is being used by IIS even though I chose to install Apache. Web servers aren't a strong suit but I've found Apache usually fairly easy.Now, I had installed FMS on my notebook and I found I could connect without trouble to rtmp://localhost/live with Flash Media Live Encoder. I figured by installing it on the remote host and then replacing localhost with the ip address, I'd be ok.

I'm willing to use IIS if that is the best thing to do. Maybe that has nothing to do with it. Getting started with these things is usually the hardest part. I've used FMS in the past but haven't had to deal with installing it.

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Media Server :: Connect To A Server To Do Multibitratestreaming From A Level3 FMS Instance 3.5?

Oct 13, 2011

I am using osmf1.0 and am trying to connect to a server to do multibitratestreaming from a level3 FMS instance 3.5. The protocols osmf are rtmpe and rtmpte with 3 different ports 1935,443,80. All in all creating 6 different connections. It then goes and tries to connect to either of these connections asynchoneously (50ms separation between each attempt) which means a later attempt can succeed before an earlier one. The device I am using is an htc mobile running on android (user agent: Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 3_0 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/528.18 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile/7A341 Safari/528.16).The problem Typically, all attempts will fail (NetConnection.Connect.Failed) but occationally one does succeed but only over rtmpte but no specific port.In contrast, with Akamai it does work every single time.

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Media Server :: Fail To Connect Origin Server Through NAT

Apr 11, 2010

i have install a delveopment origin server for FMS testing, it can success steam VOD through internal ip, then we move on to test external ip steaming, but if fail to connect through external ip address, our firewall is using NAT mapping for the ip address, we have enable port 80 & 1935, did we need to change to edge server? i have try to change the vhost setting, but once i change the setting, internal & external will fail to conenct it, i have modfiled these setting in default vhost.xml, did any thing i need to change it? <Mode>remote</Mode> <Anonymous>false</Anonymous> <LocalAddress>all</LocalAddress>

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Media Server :: FMS Server Hangs When New Clients Try To Connect?

May 19, 2010

We are running RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.5.  I am told by the Adobe support department that only version 5.2 is supported. However, I have let them know this is basically impossible to do.  You can't download 5.2 anymore and if you keep your system patched and updated you have to follow the 5.x branch.

We purchased brand new HP hardware for this server.  It is a HP DL380-G6 Dual-Quad-Core Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5540  @ 2.53GHz with 8GB of RAM. The fix at the moment is to restart the FMS system and everything clears itself up for some random amount of time.  This this problems happens again.


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Media Server :: String Parsing By Remote Java Server?

Jan 4, 2011

I am writing a game where positions of an object are being exchanged between the two flash clients through a java server. The secnario goes simply like this:
PlayerA ---> Server : "Position X + Position Y+
Server ---> PlayerB: "Position X + Position Y+

and it works both ways of course.the problem here is that on my computer where i use "localhost" everything is fine and the data is exchanged seamlessly .. when I loaded the server on a remote host the message received strangely turns into something like "Position X + NaN" (i.e. the y position is wrongly parsed by the server), what is weird even more, is that sometimes, the message gets parsed correctly..the server is wrote in java and it is exactly the same source code that works on my machine that fails over the internet

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Java :: Smarfox Server For Flash Or Build Mini Server?

Jul 29, 2010

is it possible for me to build a server in java so that i can let my different flash clients communicate with each other?

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Media Server :: Why Cannot Connect Server

Jun 11, 2011

I tried to put a video on my site [URL] and it say "cannot connect..... blah"...... What should I do to make it work?

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Connect To A SQL Server DB?

Feb 27, 2007

I have a menu designed in Flash which has to pull back database records, how do I go about that? Every tutorial seems to be different and none are exactly what I am looking for.

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Media :: Can't Connect To Server?

May 26, 2010

I am trying to connect a simple application to FMS2. I get this error in the Server Log: Connection rejected by server. Reason : [ Server.Reject ] : Invalid uri : rtmp:/test. I have the test dir in the applications folder. This is what I give as a path rtmp:/test in the applications directory of the simple connect component. So what can be the problem?

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Java :: Flex Client Side And Java As Server Side?

Aug 7, 2011

Since I'm developing a multiplayer card game for Facebook using Flex as client side and Java SE as server side, I wanted to know how do I actually make the connection between Flex and Java? the server and client should be able to send each other data(cards,movement,room information etc...) across and I wonder what's the easiest way to do it without complicating it. where to read about it ? I know JAVA but I find JavaEE hard to understand.

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Media Server :: Connect .flv Files To The FMS?

Jun 25, 2009

OK... I had my host install FMS onto my server for me.  I am a little lost on how to connect my .flv files to the FMS.

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Media Server :: NetStream Seems To Never Connect?

Jul 30, 2009

I'm trying to make an application that streams audio from an audio stream, but the NetStream seems to never connect. I don't have Flash Media Server.

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Media Server :: How To Limit Ip's Can Connect To FMS

Oct 1, 2009

I'm running a server where i stream 2-3 live tv channels and i'm posting it on my web page.few days ago i neticed that in FMS Console i have 6-7 LIVE INSTANCES and with many user connections. suppose someone get my server IP and use it to stream his matterials.How can i limit the ip's who can connect to the FMS?

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Media Server :: Connect With SQL Or MySQL?

Dec 30, 2009

how I connect with SQL or MySQL FMS3

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