ActionScript 3.0 :: Scaling And Get The Center Window To Stay In The Center Of The Web Browser Screen

Aug 15, 2009

I have a center window and a background in my flash file. I am trying to get the center window to stay in the center of the web browser screen and get the background to expand and fill the entire web browser screen below center window layer. Sort of like this site [URL] I've currently converted the background to a movie clip and have this code.


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Actionscript 3 :: Stay In The Center Of The Screen?

Mar 9, 2012

OK so i have a character that moves with the mouse. I need it to stay in the center of the screen(kind of like a platformer game). I can't figure out how to access the camera and move it. (Note: I have tried Vcam and moving all of the other objects but Vcam makes the file slow or something [or so i have heard] and moving the other objects in kind of like cheating [and for my needs is insufficient]) I don't have any code because i don't know where to start. Maybe someone can point me into the right direction.

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IDE :: Character To Stay In Center Of Screen?

Sep 30, 2009

i want a character to stay in center of screen and where ever we click on the page the character goes there , i mean that click position comes to centre with ease and we can also navigate map like age of empires, or DOTA but in that case character stick at its own position to map.

Im not flash developer so i dont know how to do this but i can do designing. I am attaching a fla with this pls do this experiment with that fla file so that i can understand it easy. Being a non programmer it is tough to understand these things for me. those brown sections in this map would be colusion areas , where we cannot move character and blue is river. so we cannot move character to river too.

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Make WebPage Stay In The Center Of Browser?

Nov 29, 2010

How can I make my Web Page stay In the center of my browser?  When I bring it up in my browser it is all the way to the left is there a way to do this?

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IDE :: Make The Text Stay Center And A Certain Size So That It Won't Scale To Fit The Screen?

Jan 20, 2009

When you drag the screen in any direction the background scales and rezises.But How do I make the text stay center and a certain size so that it wont scale to fit the screen and will stay a certain size

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Keep Center Of The Movie In The Center Of The Scree Regardless Of Browser Size?

Mar 23, 2009

My flash movie is 1440x900 but the area where all the important stuff happens in within 1024x768, i am trying to keep the middle in the center regardless of browers size or aspect ratio.

I can center the page but it doesn't work as i need it to. If the browers is small (1024x768) the swf is justified against the left edge, but not keeping the middle in the middle of the brower.

[URL] is an example of exactly what i am trying to achieve.

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Actionscript 3 :: Set Popup Window Position To Center Of Screen

Jan 19, 2012

I make advance data grid to view tabulate data. Each row has icon. When user click that icon show extra data for the that row. I want show popup in my page center. I used PopUpManager.centerPopUp(panel); to do it. This is my code sample.


Now pop up show in center of hole page but not screen. When data grid have more data popup window is hide. I want show it center of screen. How can i do it. Can i set popup position manually?

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Resize The Window - Center Full Screen

Jun 8, 2009

I have a problem with the following actionsctipt. what this actionscript does is to position the "mc_content" in the middle of page all the time, even the user trying to resize the window. but my problem is when you open the window "mc_content" is not align in the middle, but after you resize the browser it will adjust in the middle of the page.


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Professional :: Center Flash Movie In Browser Window?

Jun 28, 2011

how to horizontally center my Flash movie in the web browser window after publishing?
A bit of background: I was able to achieve this using <center></center> tags a few years ago. But I have since upgraded to CS5 and I understand that this old method is now obsolete.
I have found a few threads/forums that address this, but I know nothing about HTML and these threads don't help me because they assume you have more knowledge than I possess. When opening up the index.html file in Dreamweaver I can't find anything that looks vaguely familiar to what is being discussed. I have found some code samples using <div></div> tags but have no idea where to place it.
So I will need it explained to me in a step by step fashion, including which file I need to fix and what program I should use. Code samples will be very welcome if you can tell me exactly where it goes.

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Alight The Stage In The Center Of The Browser Window Once Published?

Mar 29, 2009

I am can not figure out how to alight the stage in the center of the browser window once published. It is always in the upper left. Everything seems to be set to the "center".

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Trying To Center Flash Contents On Browser Window

Sep 27, 2009

I have a flash website that takes up 100% of the browser, I want it so that when I resize the browser, even to its smallest size, I need the flash content to be perfectly centered. Ive researched quite a bit and ran into the "Stage.align" property but when I use it it gives me an undefined error. How to use this properly?

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Open A New Browser Window With Center Positioning?

Jun 28, 2007

I'm trying to open a new browser window with center positioning and a size of w=725 and height=600 with a scrollbar. I'd like to be able to click the button from the flash site and open another site in this window. What is the best way to do this using AS2? I found this script on the adobe site but haven't been able to get it to work with the on (press):

var jscommand:String = "'','win','height=200,width=300,toolbar =no,scrollbars=yes');"; getURL("javascript:" + jscommand + " void(0);");

But also this doesn't address the position on the screen where the window opens. In the AS1 it seem to work ok with something like openWinCentre.

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Browser Window Size - Put A Movieclip With Tools At The Bottom Of The Window In The Center With Tools Icons

Jan 24, 2010

I want to put a movieclip with tools at the bottom of the window in the center with tools icons, it should have fixed posiiton so that user can scroll the main window having it always on prompt. I think I need the browser window size properties to do somenthing as this. Is there a way to get them?

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Center _root After Scaling?

Jun 25, 2009

i was trying to scale with mouseWheel into a map with _root._xscale and _root._yscale. it works fine but i cant center my map after the scaling.i want the map to be centered at _root._xmouse and _root._ymouse.

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Scaling An Obj Based On Distance From Center?

Jan 26, 2011

I have been looking to scale an object up if it's less than 70-px from the center of the object. I started to use the below and at least the distance was working but when combined with the conditional it all falls apart as the object mousePoint changes rapidly.This works fine when tracing:

ActionScript Code:
var mousePoint:Point = new Point(this.mouseX,this.mouseY);
var mcPoint:Point = new Point(0,0);


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ActionScript 2.0 :: Full Screen, Keep Scale Ratio, Center Screen?

Jan 20, 2009

[ X ] Problem solved I just came up with something i have some trouble to handle I've tried a couple of solution but none seems to work perfectly

What I'm trying to do is simple, get my flash to go full screen, but whatever resolution the user has, my flash must centers itself with the biggest proportion possible, and two movie clips goes right and left of it, as if they were borders.

I've been able to do this with a simple png, but i was not able with a movieclip where his dimension changes through time. ( i have a tween, so the mc gets really big even though just my stage is displayed)

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Center Projector File - Not Allow Scaling And Change The Title Bar?

Feb 12, 2010

I've tried using:


on frame 1, but they don't seem to work. I'm going to be putting this project on a CD and the client wants to make sure it will open centered on the user's screen, which has not been the case so far. It seems to open at different spots on different computers. They also want the title bar changed from "Adobe Flash Player 10" to their own title.

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Scaling Bunch Of Point Objects Relative To Center Stage

Jan 8, 2012

All though I can scale down the size of my objects and can shift them to their correct positions when scaling. I cannot shift them to the correct relative positions, relative to the screen centre.

level=1; //starting scale level
public function scaleOut(level:int) // scale to a level 1-4{
for (var r = 0; r < Main.ballArray.length; ++r){
// scale radius
Main.ballArray[r].bRadius *= (oldLevel / level);
[Code] .....

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Pop-up Window On Center And Top?

Jul 15, 2009

how to pop-up window on center and top with these codes

ActionScript Code:
company.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK , Popup_ac);
function Popup_ac(e:MouseEvent) {


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IDE :: Center X,Y Screen Values?

Jan 16, 2009

i know this is simple ABC (but i am quite raw at AS)... but what are the centre co-ordinates of the screen? (scaling aside)

i mean... i know 0,0 is top left corner. so what is middle or bottom right?

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IDE :: Can't Center The Stage On Screen

Apr 20, 2009

I'm having trouble centering the stage on screen, its locked to the top left of my window and nothing will make it move. I remember accidentally pressing something on the keyboard just before this happened, but don't know how to get my stage center again. The hand tool does nothing. Oh and its only happened in this fla, other fla's are fine. See attached image for screenshot

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Getting Flash To Center In Web Browser?

Jun 4, 2009

Just upgraded to Flash CS4. Published .swf/.html files... Trying to get the .swf to display in the center (horizontally) of the .html page / browser window. Previously I used <div align="center"><object>...</object></div> but that no longer works! It displays centered from within Dreamweaver but not in any browsers I've tried. Can't for the life of me figure out why!!

I noticed Flash CS4 now spits out a whole lotta code in the generated .html file and I'm assuming the source of the problem is somewhere within.The only workaround I've found so far is to publish just the .swf and manually embed it into a new .html page... but then I no longer have all the (detection) code.

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Get .fla Center In Browser?

Dec 11, 2010

When I publish my .fla and bring it up in my browser it is always to the left of it.How can I make it always at the center?

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IDE :: Center Swf Image In Browser?

Nov 9, 2009

Is it possible to center an swf in the html or php file, when the swf has a width larger than the browsers width?

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Flex :: Center A Launched Window?

Jul 3, 2009

I am trying to center a launched window in flex, there is a NativeWindow.x and NativeWindow.y but flex uses the Window class which does not have these properties, so does anyone know how to center a window?

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Flex :: Center Popup Window In 4?

Mar 30, 2010

How can I center popup window in flex 4 ?

I have tried:

PopUpManager.addPopUp(AlertPopUp,DisplayObject(spark.components.Application), true);

but it's problem with conversion Application->DisplayObject.

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Position My Flash In Center Of Window?

Oct 9, 2007

A simple question, "How can position my flash in the middle of the window browser."Now do I need to add an action sctipt to the site or it's something to do with publish sitting?

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How To Center Large SWF On All Screen Resolutions

May 3, 2009

I'm trying to make my movie look good on all screen resolutions and when the browser is resized. I want to center my movie, and have it stay in the center when resizing the browser, and I can do this to an extent. I usually use the liquid center template in Dreamweaver, like so - [URL]. However, this time I want a big movie to stay in the center like this - [URL], I've ended up with this - [URL].

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Center MovieClip On Screen?

Sep 22, 2009

say i have a stage that is 2000 px high..let's say there are buttons spread out from top to bottom and also,lets say pressing anyone shows a related do i make that MC center to the screen (not the stage) wherever i may have scrolled to?the only thing i have found after an extensive google session is somevague tip about using externalInterface and retrieving the position of the browsers native scroller from javaScrip ..but seems like a bit too much work, there's gotta be an easier way to do this.

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Center Flash Vertically In Browser?

May 22, 2009

I'm having a trouble centering my flash animation in the center of the page - verically. It centers horizontally but I can't get it to center vertically. How can I do this in either Flash or Dreamweaver?

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