IDE :: Adding A Single Sprite On Main Moviclip Sprite Remains Invisible

Mar 2, 2009

I created a new AS3 document (550px by 400px) and added the following code to the first frame.

However, when I run this, I see nothing painted on the screen at all, the screen remains completely white.[code]...

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ActionScript 1/2 :: Multiple Animations For A Single MovieClip Sprite

Jun 23, 2010

how to animate a simple sprite for the 100th time, I hope I might found I more specific, and better explained answer to my problem. I'm trying to make a flash game, of course, and I want my main Player sprite to be able to play multiple animations based on specific input. So, a running right animation, a running left animation, a jump animation, and an attack animation.


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Actionscript 3 :: Class Extending Sprite - Set The Sprite's Width And Height Properties?

Mar 5, 2010

I created a class, extended the sprite class, and now in the constructor I am trying to set the Sprite's width and height properties which are inherited from the DisplayObject. However, after I set this.width and this.height, and print the values, I get 0 for both.

What the heck is going on? When I view the livedocs I see that DisplayObject has width and height listed as public properties. I have been able to instantiate a Sprite directly, and set the width and height after it's been instantiated, so I don't get it.

package {
import flash.display.*;
public class ScrollBar extends Sprite {[code].....

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Flash: `sprite.visible = False` Doesn't Hide Sprite Immediately?

Apr 4, 2011

I've got a sprite which I want to temporarily hide... But changing the .visible property doesn't do what I expect. The code looks roughly like this:


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Flash :: Rotating Sprite Moves The Sprite From It's Original Location

Jul 6, 2011

I'm doing a simple rotation on a sprite but there's a weird behavior where the sprite does not rotate around it's top left. I think I'm rotating along the top left of the test class instead of the sprite child. I would like to rotate the rectangle around it's top left corner (kinda like a clock hand). The code is pretty short so I'll let the code + pictures explain my problem:

import flash.display.Sprite;


I've read a lot of stuff about rotating around a fixed point, I've tried doing it with movieclips instead of sprites, I even copy pasted a tutorial on rotation and nothing works.

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Sprite.addChild(NumericStepper) Resizes Sprite To 100x100

May 27, 2008


Then the numericStepper is drawn as if it is squished to 20% its normal height. If I pre-set mySprite width and height before adding the numericstepper, the trace output is 0,0 after adding it and it is not displayed at all. Is there some way I can make the sprite only adjust to correctly fit the numericStepper OR resize it afterwards without distorting the numericStepper component?

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Loading Multiple Image In Single Sprite/MovieClip?

Jul 26, 2009

I am having a killing problem in loading multiple images in single movie clip/sprite using a separate class. Here is the class


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Flash :: Draw Multiple Bitmaps Onto A Single Sprite In Different Locations?

Feb 8, 2011

I have many base images that I need to combine to construct larger images to draw on Sprite objects. I understand that the beginBitmapFill() method of the Graphics class renders a bitmap on a Sprite's graphics object. So I figure that I need to manipulate the BitmapData object, adding the base images to produce a composite image that I can then draw on my Sprite.

My question is: Is there any clean and relatively hassle free way of doing this? Is there a way to draw Bitmaps to certain locations in a Sprites graphics context? Could you copy a Graphics object onto another at certain coordinates and build it that way?

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Actionscript 3 :: Difference Between Sprite.width VS Sprite.scaleX?

Sep 23, 2011

Both of sprite.width and sprite.scaleX can be used for scale a sprite. Is possible sprite.scaleX depends on screen size?

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ActionScript 3.0 :: And Setting Sprite.width?

Jun 19, 2009

It has been a great resource of the years. No my problem. I am trying to dynamically resize a sprite that has a line drawn into it. Here is my code:


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ActionScript 3.0 :: Mcproduct Sprite And Mcproductpane Sprite?

Aug 15, 2010

first i have 2 sprite.. it`s mcproduct sprite and mcproductpane sprite . mcproductpane is a parent of mcproduct sprite.. so inside mcproductpane there a several mcproduct sprite.this is a script of mc prodcut

PHP Code:


The problem is i want to set a button in here(mcproductpane sprite), this button will unload / make dissappear an image that i load using loader class in mcproduct can i make this happen?when i want to make a button in mcproductpane sprite which the function of the button it`s to unload/make an image that i load using loader class in mcproduct sprite disappear.

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Adding A RadioButtonGroup To A Sprite?

Sep 8, 2009

I'm making a simple quiz.  I dynamically create Sprites and on these Sprites I add dynamically created TextFields which take text from an XML file. The TextFields contain the questions.  Now I want to add a RadioButtonGroup to each Sprite but every time I try to addChild I get the message telling me I cant coerce the RadioButtonGroup into a display object.


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Actionscript 3 :: Not Adding Sprite To MovieClip

Sep 22, 2011

My code is simply looping through an xml file and creating 'pages' (which are later animated).

This has all worked fine but now I want to add a sprite over the entire contents of the page if the contents of the xml contain a URL.

At run-time I can see that the checks for the URL are being processed correctly and that the overlay is being generated, but I cannot "see" it on the page.

The following code is located in a for loop for every page in the xml file:

var page:Page = new Page(); //MovieClip in my library
// ... other stuff
var textMC:FadeText = new FadeText(xml); //load the text from the xml fragment for this page


I now believe it is something wrong with the XML. It is correctly parsed XML (otherwise FlashPlayer would throw exceptions in my face) and it appears that this code works on every page except the second. Further more, if the second page is set as visible (a flag in the XML determins if the page is created or not) then none of the other pages overlay works.

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Adding A Border Around A Sprite?

Feb 11, 2010

I want to add a border around my mask. I don't know if I can add the border directly to the mask or if I need to create something new and position it. I imagine if the border was part of the mask it wouldnt show up? Anyway I added lineStyle to my roomMask and I get this error that doesn't make any sense to me:1061: Call to a possibly undefined method lineStyle through a reference with static type flash.display:Sprite.

ActionScript Code:
//create a mask to cover the room container
//to hide the floor outside edges


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Actionscript :: Adding An EventListener That Takes The Whole Sprite?

May 26, 2010

I have a very simple constructor in ActionScript as the following:

public function ButtonTest() {
this.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, browseFiles);


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Flash :: Dynamically Adding Property To Sprite?

Sep 25, 2010

generally, how i work involves designing all of my graphics in Flash Authoring, converting them to Sprite symbols by changing the base class to flash.display.Sprite, give my instances names and finally export them to ActionScript.the approach actually permits me to dynamically create properties in code on my Sprite instances that i've exported to ActionScript, just as if they were instances of MovieClips. i'm not entirely sure why i'm able to do this, but i can. in polling the objects to make sure of their superclass, they are indeed Sprites and not MovieClips.however, as expected, if i program a new sprite from scratch in code and try to dynamically add a property to the new programmed sprite a compile time error will result.

import flash.display.Sprite;


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Actionscript 3 :: Adding Multiple Instances Of A Sprite?

Jun 3, 2011

I am building a Custom Image Picker, that shows 6 alternative versions. However the photo is only showing on the 6th item.

_model.selectedPhoto returns a Sprite, and does not let the app function correctly.

However when I use[ii], A photo is added to each item - Why is this? I need to add _model.selectedPhoto to each s:Sprite

for (var ii:int; ii < 6; ii++)
//Create BG
var s:Sprite = new Sprite();


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IDE :: Creating A Sprite, And Adding 100 Instances To The Stage

Jul 16, 2009

I thought would be coded like this:

var sp:Sprite = new Sprite();;, 0, 50);


however, I realize even tho im looping that addChild method, its still adding sp, so do I add a new naming convention in the loop, or should I be adding these instances to another display object.... this seems like such a simple thing to do yet I cant figure it out, I also want to randomize the x and y, but this first seems to be the issue I need to address.

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Adding A Shape Inside A Sprite?

Oct 23, 2009

I am trying to place a rectangle Shape inside a square Sprite, as its child. But, the child rectangle show up outside the sprite, instead.

Also, the click handler event of the sprite reports the error "The supplied DisplayObject must be a child of the caller".


import flash.display.Sprite;
import flash.display.Shape;


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ActionScript 3.0 :: Load Animated Swf On Main Sprite One By One?

Jun 9, 2010

I need to load three swf files in the main sprite (mSprite) top to bottom. All three swfs have some sort of animation, so when the first swf is loaded, it needs to finish playing the animation before the 2nd swf is loaded and the pattern follows. I am assuming, at the end of the animation, each swf need to dispatch a signal or such. All the animations are done via code not timeline.

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Adding Scrollbar To Sprite Inside / Outside For Loop?

Nov 26, 2009

I'm currently having trouble on integrating a scrollbar that I downloaded from Warm Forest Flash. I built a XML gallery that is going out of the boundary of height of 466 pixels. The thumbnails that are out of the boundary are still visible. On top of that, I tried to add the scrollbar to the sprites inside and outside the for loop, but sadly it doesn't appear. For the height thing, can I set the size of the ULLoader? Or should I just use a mask or something?
import fl.containers.UILoader;
import gs.*;
import gs.easing.*;
[Code] .....

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ActionScript 3 :: Rendering Text - Adding Label Above Each Sprite

Feb 4, 2011

I'm having a bit of confusion about how to render text in a pure AS3 project. There are classes like flash.text.StaticText but these are designer-only, you can't create them in code. I was half-expecting the Graphics class to have text-rendering options but alas, no. Specifically I was going to add a label above each player's sprite with their name, health %, etc. So I expected to add a child text-element or draw text using Graphics in some way... it's read-only and should not support user-input, I just want to draw text on-screen.

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Actionscript 3 :: Drawing - Cut A "hole" Inside A Rectangular Sprite To See The Sprite Underneath?

Feb 3, 2010

Everytime I google this question I see confusing information about masks and blends, none of which seems to directly apply to what I think should be an easy thing... There are three Sprites involved here...the lowest layer sprite is pretty much a background. I want to overlay a translucent Sprite on top of the background and then I want the third, top-most Sprite to act as a hole, so that the area inside the third Sprite is completely transparent, so that the background sprite is completely visible. How would I go about doing this dynamically (i.e. dynamically drawing the masking sprite and hole using the Actionscript graphics calls)?

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Add A Sprite Or Object Capable Of Adding Sprites To Scene3D?

Jul 11, 2011

Ages since I last played with away3d, totally forgot how to use it.What do I do if i want to add a Sprite or object capable of adding Sprites to my Scene3D?

Edit: Using the MovieMaterial in not a possibility due to YouTube disabling Draw() on their APi

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Mouse Click Event Listener On Main Sprite?

Apr 10, 2011

Taking my first steps coding in AS3. So I have my main class which extends sprite and I put new mc's on top of that. Using addEventListener on any child MC's with MouseEvent.CLICK works fine, but I can't add it to the main sprite. How can I register all clicks on the screen?

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Control Buttons Inside The Sprite/movieclip From The Main Timeline?

Jan 10, 2011

elow sir I am new here in actionscript and i'm using actionScript 3.0 I need to know what correct code to navigate this. First I have a movieClip from stage in main timeline and i use it as an container for my sprite an instance name of "container_mc" and when that sprite plays after it, it will stop and it will appear a button, I need that button to remove this sprite from the main timeline.

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Set The Height Of The Sprite Depending On The Height Of An Textfield Inside That Sprite?

Feb 2, 2009

Is it possible to set the height of the sprite depending on the height of an textfield inside that sprite? I'm creating a box with a textfield inside it, but I want the box to be sized depending of how much text it is in the textfield..

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Get A True Invisible Button That Still Remains Clickable?

Apr 22, 2003

without using alpha 0% in Flash5

this is the problem.

i want to make a button invisible. however, since using alpha 0% will create colordifferences with 16bit colors, I want to use _visible = "0"; (like you would on a MC).

one option is to put a MC inside the button and make that invisible, but obviously you can't without an onClipEvent handler, but if you do so, it doesn't work.

puting the button inside a MC is the second option, and with the _visible command it works... however, it also stops the button from working.

is there a way to get a true invisible button that still remains clickable????

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Remove A Sprite Object When Another Sprite Object Hits It?

Mar 23, 2011

I have a brick class where I have created a rectangle using am using this brick class to create a grid of 10 X 10 in another class called grid using new brick() in a for loop.I have another class called ball where I have created a circle with problem is that I want to remove / destroy individual bricks when the ball hits the bricks on Event.ENTER_FRAME which is not happening.the error I get is shown only for the last brick that is created in a for loop.ArgumentError: Error #2025: The supplied DisplayObject must be a child of the caller.

at flash.display:isplayObjectContainer/removeChild()
at grid/ball_movement()// my function in enter frame event
The code I wrote in ENTER_FRAME is


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ActionScript 3.0 :: Remove A Sprite Object When Another Sprite Object Hits It

Mar 24, 2011

I have a brick class where I have created a rectangle using am using this brick class to create a grid of 10 X 10 in another class called grid using new brick() in a for loop.I have another class called ball where I have created a circle with problem is that I want to remove / destroy individual bricks when the ball hits the bricks on Event.ENTER_FRAME which is not happening.the error I get is shown only for the last brick that is created in a for loop.[code]

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