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Flex :: Manual Click Event Trigger ?

How to dispatch an click event : for example <mx:Button id="btn" click="someFunction();"> by manual event dispatch how to call that someFunction();

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Flex :: Programmatically Trigger A Mx:Button Click Event?
Consider the following mx:Button:<mx:Button click="doSomething()" id="myButton"/>Is there some way to programmatically emulate the user clicking the button?One obvious way to do it would simply be to call doSomething() which would give the same end result as clicking the button. But I'm specifically looking for ways to emulate the click -- that is something along the lines of (if that should have existed).

Posted: Jun 11 10 at 22:09

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Actionscript 3 :: Trigger Flex Piechart Item Click Event When A Datagrid Item Is Clicked?
Is it possible to trigger Flex Piechart Item click event when a Datagrid Item is clicked.If so can anyone give some example.

Posted: Nov 4 11 at 13:33

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Actionscript :: Manually Trigger The Click Event In Flex3?
Similar to the below in javascript:

<input id="target" type="button" onclick="..." />

Posted: Nov 17 10 at 2:22

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Actionscript 3 :: Manually Trigger The Click Event In Mxml?
I'm doing it this way :


But get an error that connect_btn is not defined...


Yeah I'm trying to simulate a click event .

Posted: Dec 5 10 at 15:22

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Using Multiple If Else Statements & Manual Dynamic Xml Data Input To Trigger A Goto And Play
Below is code that has a timer countdown that reads off of the computer. Below in bold is code to read "if it reaches the date, go to and play frame (2).


Below is code that is manual input - I had set up a dynamic txt field in flash named it : raffle_tix_remain When loaded on to the host I can manulally update the xml code and the change will take effect. raffle_tix_remain.text = root.loaderInfo.parameters.raffle_tix_remain;

My question: Since the raffle_tix_remain is a manual input from a user to xml Is there a way to tell flash once it refreshes and "raffle_ tix_ remain" goes to (0)zero gotoAndPlay(2); and let it play like a "sold out" sign i guess that would be a if else statement.


Posted: Dec 19, 2011 10:24 AM

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Actionscript 3 :: Possible To Trigger Click Event Only / When Mouse Is Clicked On Image Part?
I have a problem and I have potential solution. But I wanted to confirm if there is an easy and simple way to solve my problem.App type:Isometric Game.Problem statement:I am loading images in my flash app and have mouse events attached to them.The images I load are prop images like vehicles, trees, buildings etc., and all of them are transparent.Example: Red ball asset (please ignore the yellow background which I applied to describe the problem)If I click on the actual image area (colored in red), then every thing works perfect.I don't want to trigger mouseevent when I click on empty image part (or transparent area, which I have shown in yellow color)There is one way I know by creating masks in flash. I don't want to do it unless that is the final option left because I load image assets instead of flash assets and I don't want to create a new mask asset for all the assets.There is another method I was going to adopt by using getPixel method of Bitmap.

But there is another problem with this method.I might be able to ignore the click event when I click on the empty part of the asset but if there is some other asset is behind the image in the same location, then I need to process the click event for the occluded image.Well, thinking of solution to this problem takes me to the getObjectsUnderPoint where I can scan the occluded assets

Posted: Mar 3 at 13:00

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Flex :: Trigger An ItemEditEnd Event Within The ItemEditor
This might be an easy one for you DataGrid experts out there. I following an example for adding rows to a DataGrid dynamically from within a row


My tweak that I am trying to acoomlish, is to have a custom itemEditor that is a form with two TextInputs and an OK button. For the life of me I can't get that button to trigger the DataGrid's itemEditEnd event where I have some processing before I call destroyItemEditor. I tried dispatching the event myself directly but got a strange error in DataGrid's updateDisplayList saying editedItemPosition was null (editedItemPosition.rowIndex).

Posted: Sep 29 10 at 3:27

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Flex :: Button To Trigger Event Continiously When Pressed... Not Once?
I'm wondering if there's a way to configure a FLEX button so it behaves like a push button...

Posted: May 27 10 at 20:38

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Flex 3 - Key Press Combination To Trigger An Event/function?
Within a specific canvas, I would like a user to be able to press a combination of keys which will trigger an event.(a bit like a cheat in an old megadrive game). Not sure where to start though. Anyone know if it is possible and if so could you give me a clue with how to start?

Posted: Jun 1 11 at 14:15

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Trigger ItemEditEnd Event In Flex List When CheckBox Is Checked / Unchecked?
I have a List component that has drop-in CheckBox itemEditor that also serves as the itemRenderer. It displays each item as a simple CheckBox with a label.

However, the itemEditEnd Event does not get triggered until I click on something outside of the List. I want it triggered once the CheckBox is checked or unchecked.

I was thinking of manually dispatching the ListEvent.ITEM_EDIT_END in a CLICK Event handler, but then the itemEditEnd Event would get dispatched twice. There's gotta be a better way to do this.

Posted: Jun 30 09 at 16:37

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Flex :: Listening Mouse Click Event And ItemClick Event?
what should i do to get chart's data on the click of respective data Legend. suppose i have array [{id:123, label:sales, year:2010},{id:124, label:refunds, year:2010}]for a column chart which has year in x-axis and sales iny-axis.two legend showing labels sales and refund.What i want is to get the whole data (id:123, label:sales, year:2010) on clicking of the legend 'sales'.What should i do? I tried listening mouse click event and itemClick event.

Posted: Aug 24 11 at 9:29

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Actionscript 3 :: Trigger Custom JQuery Event From Flash Passing Some Data Through Event Object?
How to trigger a custom jQuery event from Flash, passing some data through event object?

Posted: Dec 2 10 at 9:43

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Flex :: BarChart - Labels(manual In The Picture) To Be Vertically Centered
This task doesn't seem too tough, but it has been blocking me for the last couple hours. I am doing a stacked bar chart, and I want the labels to be horizontally and vertically centered within each Bar Segment. The labels are set to be "inside". Such, you can easily center the label horizontally by setting label-align:middle, but there doesn't seem to be anything that can handle the vertical aspect.

Next approach was to create a custom component of the Bar Chart, but that go extremely messy when I was messing with the rendering functions. I thought it would be just modifying this line: v.labelY=v.y + barSeries.seriesRenderData.renderedYOffset - barSeries.seriesRenderData.renderedHalfWidth; but it hasn't worked. Attached is what the bar chart looks like now. And just to clarify, I would like these labels(manual in the picture) to be vertically centered.

Posted: Mar 14 11 at 15:44

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Flex :: Add A Click Event To Axis Labels?
I have a bar chart with the vertical axis this way

<mx:verticalAxis >
<mx:CategoryAxis id="catAxis" title="Employee" categoryField="id"/>

I would for the labels on the vertical axis to be clickable. So when a user clicks a label a click event fires and I can do something with it. I am not interested in clicking the bar itself (I know how to achieve that)

I tried adding an event listener to the CategoryAxis of type Mouse.Click but nothing gets fired.

Posted: Apr 10 at 20:07

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Flex :: DataGrid Add New Row Via Single Click Event
Flex data grid has 1 default row created. When user clicks on the second row, a new row needs to be created and made editable.

Here is what works already - user tabs over the columns and when the user tabs while in the last column, a new row is created with default values.

Here is also what already works - user click a button outside the grid, which adds a new row.

(itemEditBegin and itemEditEnd have been implemented)

Here is what does NOT work: When I "single click" on the second row (no data yet - row is null), how do I detect that the currently clicked row is the second row and make it editable? Can I figure out the rowIndex from MouseEvent and use this to add a new row?

Find code below:

<mx:DataGrid id="myGrid" editable="true" click="clickEvent(event)"
itemEditEnd="endEdit(event)" itemEditBegin="beginEdit(event)" variableRowHeight="true" >



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Flex :: Dispatch A Click Event At The Top Of A Loaded .swf?
So I'm trying to build a tool that will allow me and other users to all open the same .swf, and then I as the Admin user am able to interact with mine while they all see my mouse movements and button clicks etc on theirs.I'm using BlazeDS to manage this and I'm getting data sent back and forth etc - no difficulties there. The issue I'm running into is this:

In an "Admin" instance, I click a button. I capture that X and Y, then tell Blaze to tell my clients to dispatch a Click event at that X and Y. On my client side, I get that data and dispatch a Click event at that X and Y - but the click is actually caught at the stage level. The click on my client side takes place UNDER all of my buttons and other content - so the whole thing fails.Is there a way to tell it to start the click event at the top?

Posted: Jun 15 10 at 19:19

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Flex :: How To Pass Click Event Along With Other Children
One of my decoration bitmaps covers up some important elements in my flex application. The problem is these elements become not clickable. How could make the bitmap not clickable or how could I pass the click event along to those children elements below?

Posted: Aug 20 10 at 23:58

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Flex :: How To Add Click Event On Image Area
Can i create img map and then add several click event?for example this imgI have 4 area for event top-left, top-right etc.

Posted: Oct 21 10 at 12:56

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Actionscript 3 - Flex :: Click - Outside Event On Custom Components
Is there a way to write a custom event that gets triggered when the user clicks outside of that custom component instance? Basically anywhere else in the main flex app.

Posted: Jul 18 09 at 16:00

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Flex :: Embedded Button.swf Does Not Fire CLICK Event?
i'm trying to embed a swf to my as3 flex project like this:

[Embed(source = "../assets/next_button.swf")]
protected var nextButtonClass:Class;
protected var next_btn:MovieClip = next_btn = new nextButtonClass() as MovieClip;
// ...
next_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onAdChange);

next_button.swf is as2 and created with adobe flash cs4. there is a single button inside it.

if i change type of button symbol to movieclip at next_button.fla, there is no problem at passing CLICK event.

i tried to cast next_btn to mx.controls.Button and fl.controls.Button classes, next_btn is becoming null in that case.

by the way button is reacting mouseover and click events properly just doesn't pass it to upper swf.

is there any trick i can do to pass Button events to my container swf?

Posted: Aug 9 10 at 7:39

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Flex :: ComboBox Click Event Conflict With Its Container?
I want change the HBox's style when click any object inside this HBox. I set handle for click event of HBox, and then I found it very difficult to select item in the combobox in this HBox.When I click the combobox, it drops down its item list, and HBox style changed, then combobox drop up very quickly, I have no time to select an item in the Combobox.Here is my codes, is there any way to avoid this problem?

<mx:Repeater id="itemRepeater">
<mx:HBox id="itemHBox" styleName="active" click="onItemClick(event);">
<mx:ComboBox id="cb1" dataProvider="{dp}" close="closeHandler(event);"/>


Posted: Aug 11 11 at 10:41

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Flex :: Which Event Gets Fired When Click On ViewNavigator In Mobile App
<s:ViewNavigator id="trends" label="Trends" width="100%" height="100%" firstView="views.TrendsView" icon="@Embed('assets/column-chart-icon32.png')"/>
<s:ViewNavigator id="attach" label="Attach" width="100%" height="100%" firstView="views.AttachView" icon="@Embed('assets/paperclip-icon32.png')"/>

Now, I know if you click on "trends" then firstView "views.TrendsView" will be shown. Now you are in that view and click again on "trends" (bottom nav bar) which event will flex dispatch?

Posted: Aug 19 11 at 20:12

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Actionscript 3 :: Button Click To Trigger Right Arrow Key?
I'm trying to figure out a way to have a button basically trigger right arrow key when it is clicked.

Posted: May 23 11 at 4:42

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JavaScript :: Link To Trigger Sound Click
I want a link to trigger a sound click in flash AS3. I've taken the .play() outside of the function to confirm that it works by itself. What am I missing that will let me call an AS3 function from javascript?

Here is my html
<object width="5px" height="5px">
<param name="movie" value="play_coin_sound/playCoin.swf?v=5">
<param name="wmode" value="transparent">
<embed src="play_coin_sound/playCoin.swf?v=5" width="5px" height="5px">
[Code] .....

Posted: Sep 7 11 at 22:36

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