ActionScript 2.0 :: Dynamically Create An Image Gallery Based On How Many Images Are In A Given Directory

Mar 20, 2005

i wrote a bit of actionscript to dynamically create an image gallery based on how many images are in a given directory. as of now, i've got it to display thumbnails in rows. my next step would be to get these thumbnails to link to the fullsize images, but i cant figure out how to do that. my code is as follows:


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ActionScript 2.0 :: Create An Image Gallery Based On An XML File?

Jan 8, 2009

I need to create an image gallery, based on an XML file, which displays both the thumbnails and the normal-sized images. Here's a link for you to get an idea of pretty much what I want to achieve, except for the fact that I don't want the thumbnails to slide to the left or right, I'd rather want them to be static, and if there are more thumbnails than, let's say 3, to display a "previous-next" controller. After following some tutorials, here's what I created so far:(you can also find all these files + the thumbnails in the attachment)The XML file (settings.xml):

PHP Code:

<thumb tLink="th/01.jpg" desc="This is the first thumbnail" bLink="bigImgs/01b.jpg" />
<thumb tLink="th/02.jpg" desc="This is the second thumbnail" bLink="bigImgs/02b.jpg" />


So far, so good, the script does trace what I told it to But I need to further improve this rather simple script. So, basically here's what I need:How do I load each thumbnail into a "container" movieclip, so I can further manipulate this movieclip's properties (do an easing for position, alpha, filters etc.)? There's one more thing I need to specify: I want to display only, let's say, 3 thumbnails at runtime, not all of them. how could I assign an instance name to each of them.

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Develop An Image Gallery That Displays Images Based On Certain Values Chosen By The User

Nov 18, 2009

i need to develop an image gallery that displays images based on certain values chosen by the user. Imagine two sliders such as "gadgets" and "cars". The sliders provide values from 1 to 10. The flash movie then generates a gallery based on those provided weights. The user may want more gadgets than cars or all cars or more cars than gadgets etc. Im a tad lost as to where i should start here...XML? MYSQL? should i start swatting up on AS3?

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Make A Flash Photo Gallery That Displays All The Image Files In A Certain Directory With The Usual Photo Gallery Functionality

Sep 1, 2009

Just trying to make a flash photo gallery that displays all the image files in a certain directory with the usual photo gallery functionality.

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Professional :: Convert A JQuery Lightbox Style Gallery Into A Flash XML Based Image Gallery With Categories?

Oct 26, 2010

I've made a gallery slideshow before but wasn't as intuitive looking back at it now and I want to start fresh on this new project. I would like to convert a jQuery lightbox style gallery into a flash XML based AS3 image gallery with categories. I don't want to code the FLA, I want separate AS files.

This is a school project for my website. I would use jQuery and I have more experience with it but this project needs a flash component. I'm just not sure where to start and looking for some advice on how and where I could find resources. I want it to be minimal as I can make it;

- 8 thumbnails to a "page/section" with more flowed into page 2 or 3 etc. (or a srcoller)

- a few buttons for categories

- images fading in full size with a description when hovered over and a close button

- preloader (simple bar)

Esentially something like this > http:[url] which is using http:[url].... for the thumbnails. That might be ambitious but I'd suffice with a simple fade effect.I've downloaded some galleries out there but most of the code is messy or outdated.http:[url]... this is alright, but all the code is done in the FLA. I might break it into AS files but it depends.

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Make Flash Photo Gallery That Displays All Image Files In Certain Directory?

Sep 1, 2009

Just trying to make a flash photo gallery that displays all the image files in a certain directory with the usual photo gallery functionality.

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Debug Many Stuff From Xml Based Image Gallery?

Mar 16, 2009

i found a very nice tutorial about making an xml based gallery from oman3D which i use it as a base and change some codes abit for my own gallery project... but those modification comes with bugs that i can't figure out that makes me feel like stop learning this and kill myself T_T. among few things, i tried to add auto resize, auto center and a crossfade transition for the images but it has awesome bugs that i cant figure out why it happens..

most annoying bugs i got is that when i tried to center an image, which i did by substracting the default width and height of the gallery with the loaded image's width and height then divide it by 2 and adding the default position of the gallery so it should practically comes out with x and y that puts the image on the center of the allocated gallery space

well, it works but apparantly the image's height and width are rubbish, because sometimes the number is accurate and other times it may changes... i wonder is it accurate to get image's width and height property if that image is loaded with loadClip and the props are checked during onLoadInit

second bugs is that i tried to create a crossfade transition... or to the least a fade in-out transition, for the latter i manage to make it work by using tween script which starts fade out the old image and start the fade in of the new image using the onMotionComplete function

but after modifying other scripts it stops working for reasons i can't figure out.. also the tween script i added for reasons unknown will reset the position of the loaded images to 0,0 and i dont really have any idea on how to crossfade this ( the only thing i can think of is that i would duplicate the old image's mc then fade it above the new but it doesnt seem to work)

as for the auto-resize function i made, it did works perfectly until i figure out the original mc's size cannot be reverted back, so if i load a very large image, then unless the next image is as large or larger than the previous one, it becomes tiny... even after i tried to reset the mc's prop before every new images loaded..

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Flash :: Dynamically Create Elements Based On The Array - Actionscript 3

Mar 29, 2011

I would like to dynamically create elements based on the array. I would like to just put the array name and append _panel. so menu_item_panel will become settings_panel, info_panel,etc. I cannot figure out how to do that?


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Javascript :: Gallery Software For A Website That Will Resize Based On Height, With A Click On Image To Navigate?

Apr 12, 2011

And just loved the way it looked, anyone have any idea how to get a similar effect using ideally CSS/JS and if not then using flash? Furthermore it would be excellent if you could move to the next slide by clicking on the image itself.I'm also wondering how she is able to maintain height of the images when resizing (unless she is doing it manually which I doubt now days).

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Actionscript 3 :: Dynamically Create Multiple TextFields Based On Array.length

May 4, 2011

What im looking to do is dynamically create TextFields based on my array.length. So if I have 3 strings in my array then 3 TextFields with the array text needs to be created.

I've managed to actually create TextFields based on the array.length - however afterwards I dont know how to reference them individually, to lets say re-position x, y for array[1]. I've tried saving the Textfields in another array by .push method, but can't seem to reference them correctly.

//Create textfields based on data in Array - in this case 3 textfields
var textArray:Array = new Array('First TextField','TextField Two','Anything, really');
//Array to .push "save" created textfields


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Actionscript 2.0 :: Creating A Gallery Of Images/sound Clips Which Load Dynamically?

Jan 18, 2009

So I've been working on a Flash-based web portfolio for my sound design work, and I'm creating a gallery of images/sound clips which load dynamically (that way I don't need to recompress the swf file every time I add/remove a production). I'm having trouble with checking to see if files exist; for example, I want to check if a sound file exists, and if it does, set the alpha property of a symbol to 100%, and if it doesn't, set the alpha property of that symbol to 25%.

The code I'm using works fine when I test the file locally, but as soon as I upload the file and test it, the movie responds as if a file exists even when it doesn't, and I can't figure out why.


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ActionScript 2.0 :: Create A Gallery Of Images

Sep 30, 2009

what i'm looking for is to create a gallery of images. there are 12 images in total with 3 showing. I want to add a forwards/next button that will cause the gallery of images to scroll across, with a smooth action, when the cursor hovers over the fowards button. I don't want the next images to show 1 by 1 but the gallery to gradually scroll arcoss(like all of the images are on one long reel being pulled from the left)

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Dynamically Loaded Image Gallery?

May 7, 2010

I am new to Flash and am trying to make a page that has a fullscreen image gallery with individual thumbs along the bottom. I can more or less figure this out using some templates,but I need to do this for over 50 different projects, each with anywhere from 1-100 images.Is it possible to make more of a container that dynamically loads from a folder of images rather than have to make each one by hand?

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Array Of Arrays - Dynamically Loads Images Into A Movieclip Entitled 'gallery'

Sep 25, 2009

I've created a photo gallery that dynamically loads images into a movieclip entitled 'gallery'. Right now the images are listed in an array. is it possible to make an Array of Arrays so that I could load different Arrays for different image galleries? Is this somewhat how it would work? Lets say I were to switch to a section entitled 'landscapes' which we will pretend is the array "var a:Array = new Array();" for now.


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ActionScript 2.0 :: Create A Photo Gallery With Many Images?

Jul 28, 2010

I want create a photo gallery with many images. how to add a search engine in this page until search specific image or external image folder?

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Create A Spinning Gallery With 7 Different Images?

Jan 8, 2011

I'd like to create a spinning gallery with 7 different images...scrolling responds to mouse movement...when an image is clicked, the photo comes to the center front and resizes to a larger image with a label on it.Can I do this all in just Flash cs5? I'd like to be able to just import a single swf file into a CMS website.Right now, I have 7 of the same images spinning. I can't figure out how to add additional images with using xml and I haven't figured out the hover state with larger image and label and click tag to go to another page on site.

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Dynamically Create Card Instances Based On The Movie Clip Symbol In The Library?

Jan 28, 2010

the idea is to create a loop to that displays 16 cards face down in two rows and eight columns using either a "for" loop or "while" loop, execute 16 times once for each clip.use new to dynamically create card instances based on the Movie Clip symbol in the library.use a modulo operator to operate the x position of each clip use Math.floor to operate the y position of each clip set dynamic text value of the card clip to show appropriate card number add card to the display list if using the iteration variable ("while" loop).this is what i am using and i get one card (the stack of 16) in the bottom left hand corner with a 16 trace statements of "instance 2"

//create variable for number of columns
var numberOfColumns=8;
// requirement 1


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ActionScript 2.0 :: Create Simulated 3D Rotating Set Of Images - Change Scale, Depth, And _y Based On _x?

Jun 26, 2007

I'm looking to create a rotating set of images, simulated to look 3D... that can rotate either left or right, reactive to someones mouse location.

The path of the images would look like a flat oval, and as the images came to the forefront, they would be at full scale, have the lowest position (high _y), have the highest depth (appear in front of everything else) and be dead center _x.

As they slide left or right, they would reduce everything by a relative 50% to the final shift (scale, _y, and depth) until they got to the end, moving in an upward arc following the oval path. When they got to the end, and kept rotating beyond (move in the opposite _x. but appear to follow the flow of the arc), continuing to decrease in scale, _y, and depth.

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Actionscript 3 :: Position Loaded Images From Loop Based On Image Height?

Jun 10, 2010

I'm trying to dynamically stack images that are being pulled in via an xml file. Below is what I'm doing, and it almost works. The problem is that it only seems to fire off the event complete function on the very last one, instead of going for all of them. Is there a way to make it run the even.complete function for each image?

function aboutfileLoaded(event:Event):void {
aboutXML = new XML(;
for(var l:int = 0; l < aboutXML.aboutimages.image.length(); l++)


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ActionScript 3.0 :: XML - Image Gallery Using Xml To Provide The Images And Nav

Jul 5, 2009

XML Gallery Nav. ? I'm working on a image Gallery using xml to provide the images and Nav. This a shortened version of how the xml looks


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Actionscript 3.0 :: Scaling Images For Image Gallery?

Apr 28, 2011

scaling image for an image gallery project I am creating. I am adding each image inside a SQUARE Movieclip of their own so I can position them nicely on stage. As not all images are exactly square, there are always vacant gaps. What I want to achieve is to scale the image proportionally so that the smallest dimension of the image ( width or height ) will equal the same dimension of the square Movieclip, though anything that overflows the MovieClip is not visible.

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Create A Set Of Buttons Based On Loaded Images From Xml That OnClick Turn Red Or Grow In Size?

Jul 11, 2008

I want to create a set of buttons based on loaded images from xml that onClick turn red or grow in size, whatever, Clicking another turns that button red and the old one back to default. Alsoo it will attach a animated movieclip onclick to the button and when pressing another button, it swifts to that button.


var tracktype:Array = new Array;
var imgArray:Array = new Array;
var links:int;


But Now the problem is that when another button is clicked I have to add the listeners back on the button, but I cant get the button because they all have the same name. Same with addChild the animated movieclip. Can't remove it. The buttons have a variable name, and can be unlimited.

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Flash - Creating An Image Gallery And The Images Change But Change Right Back To The Original Image

Mar 2, 2011

I am creating an image gallery and the images change but change right back to the original image. I had it working yesterday but today it doesn't work.


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ActionScript 3.0 :: Create A Simple Gallery Of Images - Change The Y Position?

Oct 12, 2009

I'm trying to create a simple gallery of images. Where there are 5 thumbnails visible on the stage at 1 time, with a back and next arrow to show more thumbnails.


I've sourced this code, but I'm having trouble trying to change the y position of the images?

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Actionscript 3.0 :: Dynamically Load In .png Files As Thumbnails For An Image Gallery?

Nov 19, 2010

I'm developing an app that needs to dynamically load in .png files as thumbnails for an image gallery. I have studied up on the bitmapData.hitTest() method for being able to setup an alpha test in order work around the .png bounding box issue, but have a problem.

I get an as3 error 2005, which OK I can understand in some cases, but it is pointing to a parameter that makes no sense at all. Here's the error:

ArgumentError: Error #2005: Parameter 0 is of the incorrect type. Should be type BitmapData.
at flash.display::BitmapData/hitTest()
at folio_fla::MainTimeline/checkAlphaForHit()

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How To Create Own Image Gallery

May 28, 2009

I am developing a web based image gallery system and looking for the right technology in which to develop it.  I own Microsoft's complete development environment (aka Silverlight), I also own Adobe Production Premium CS4 (aka Flash CS4).  Since targeting the Linux/BSD environment is vital to my business model, trust me on this one, Silverlight is not the ideal solution.  I know there is that Monolight, but that isn't mainstream.  But as we all know, Flash runs on Linux just fine, making it the ideal solution.  Actually Flex is a better option, but I am trying to work with what I already own.
All the stuff I see on Flash is really basic graphic designer stuff.  I was wondering if anyone know of a decent tutorial that might help me get started with developing an image gallery with Flash CS4. 

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Create Image Gallery?

Feb 2, 2012

i want to create image gallery like adidas site[URL]

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ActionScript 3.0 :: Image Gallery Using XML To Load Thumbnails And Images

Mar 5, 2008

I am building a website with an image gallery using XML to load thumbnails and images.

Firstly, I was going to try to make the thumbnails act like buttons, so the mouse cursor would change to a little pointing finger like it does in buttonmode but i could not get this to work.

Secondly, I also wanted the alpha properties of the other buttons to reduce to about 0.75 to highlight the selected thumnail that would stay at its full alpha value of 1. Yet again i could not get this to work either.Can you build this type of functionality into the imported xml data or am I just kidding myself here?

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Kirupa's XML Image Gallery Images Not Loading

May 18, 2009

I have followed Kirupa's XML Image Gallery tutorial. Before you ask, I have double checked my code. When I hit command+enter (mac) to preview it, everything works just fine. XML loads the correct images. My problem is when I publish it and upload it via FTP to my web server, ONLY the first image displays. When I click the next button, the first image fades out, but then it fades back in. The captions and image numbers change (like they're supposed to), but the image does not.

It remains on the first image. I know that it is able to access the XML because it loads the first image specified in the XML. That image was never imported into the Flash document. I have double checked my paths, too. All of the paths are correct. Also, I'm sure that it's not accessing a local file, because for each path, I specify the full URL, such as "[URL]", rather than just "/images/image.jpg". What do I need to do to fix this? You can see what I'm talking about by going to [URL] and clicking on "photo+art".

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Flash :: Preload Images For An Image Gallery In Movie?

Feb 10, 2010

I am trying to preload images for an image gallery ina flash movie.

i have the images externally loaded so as not to bloat the swf but how do i start a preload for all the images when someone gets to the home/front page, so that by the time they get to the image gallery everything is loaded in memory so there's no delay?

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